This little girl’s first birthday is coming up fast!  I can hardly believe it’s gone by so quickly {isn’t that the case with all kids though?}.  She’s working on walking, talking, and is just plain happy most of the time.  She now gives us hugs, and hugs her stuffed animals too.  Though, I think it melts this mommy’s heart most when she hugs her brother.  So, in light of her birthday, I have some special sewing planned, and I’ve dedicated my curated collection bundle at Sew Lux Fabric to this girl too:

What better for a sweet little girl than some Marmalade and Vintage Modern?!  I’m thinking she needs a pretty birthday dress and bunting, don’t you?

As part of the Curated Collections series at Sew Lux Fabric, you can find this bundle, Sweetie, at a special price through Nov. 15, 2012.  And, I copied Jenelle and made a little collage, so you can get a peek at the fabrics together!

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    The first year goes by so fast, doesn’t it? It’s crazy; I can’t even remember what Elena was like when she was itty bitty (not that the little 9 pounder was ever really itty). She’s crawling now, too, and babbling away. She waves and plays peek a boo. January will be here too fast! Norah is absolutely adorable and I’m so glad she is happy and doing well and growing! Enjoy!

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