Catching Up

I am sure many of you can relate, but it sure seems like everything is a wild ride between Thanksgiving Halloween and New Years. I had hopes of getting so much accomplished, but, as usual, find myself falling behind! So, I have some projects and bee blocks that are painfully overdue…but still fun to work on. The first are some bee blocks for October!!


I am still working on wrapping my mind around foundation paper piecing. I actually made the pink block just by cutting rectangles, it wasn’t until I examined the pictures later that I realized my book isn’t leaning on anything. Oops…


The block with the orange book was was from a template, but the corners didn’t match very well. It is a learning experience, and the small size of the blocks {6 1/2″} didn’t help.

I think these blocks were fun, but I really struggle with coming up with these interpretive blocks…oh well! Wait until you see the November blocks…!!

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  1. Tamie says

    I really like these, they are cheerful and unique! I have not tried paper peicing, I have not had a lot of interest in it at this point, I am simply trying to hone my regular piecing skills. I think I just need more free time to experiment! Love you and keep studying that “book”, some of your richest lessons will come from it! 😉

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