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Since winter is upon us {sort of!}, I thought it was about time Norah had a new hat. It isn’t super cold, but sometimes it is crisp enough to need some added warmth {and I think babies in hats are just too cute!}. So, I pulled some gender neutral yarn from my stash {I haven’t bought any girly yarn yet} and knit a basic hat. Then, I added these cute crochet flowers my mom bought from Annie Design, and they were the perfect, girly touch!

C&V 2012

Except for one small problem…Norah can’t seem to keep the hat on. She loves to take it off and try to put it back on again. I was able to capture one little photo with her wearing it, but, of course, could I get a good one in some great natural light? No way! This seems to be a recurring theme these days. I am truly glad the days are going to start getting longer again, for so many reasons.

Edit to add: I got a better shot the other day…so I thought I’d add it!

I haven’t knit in quite a while, but it is really fun to pick it up again, even if only for a season. I find a certain joy in making things by hand, but don’t slow down to do it often enough. I have another fun knitting project to share soon too {if I can get it finished}.

I hope you’re getting a chance to relax a little this Christmas season too!

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      Hi Pam! I have knit a lot of baby hats, so I just sort of wing it these ays. However, I usually choose patterns by Louisa Harding or Debbie Bliss! Hope that helps!

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