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I’m not really the resolution making  type, mostly because I worry that I won’t follow through, so why bother, right?  Then, I ran across Kat’s posts last night about making goals {parts one, two and three}, and I really liked her perspective.  So, I’ve decided to join in and make a few goals myself.


Note: this photo is not directly related to this post, I just thought I’d show the bunting I finally put above Norah’s crib! Okay…back to my goals.

They are not all directly sewing related, but, hopefully will all help me accomplish more sewing.  So here they are:

1.  Write down what we will have for dinner each night of the week.

Reason:  I waste a lot of time trying to figure out what to have for dinner, and making too many shopping trips.  Since I cannot buy everything I need from one store, I usually make at least three trips, for lack of good lists and meal planning.

Plan:  Look through the fridge and pantry, write down meals that we can make from things on hand {especially if they are perishable}, then plan out remaining meals and shop with a good list.  Arrange the dinner plan based on the other activities of the day {simple meals or leftovers when we will be out in the morning}.

2.  Clean up the kitchen every night.

Reason:  I often just want to relax in the evening after the kids go to bed.  However, then the dishes pile up and I end up using a whole afternoon cleaning the next day or two.

Plan:  Pretty simple, load the dishwasher, wash the hand wash dishes, and clean the counters.  Do this while making a cup of tea, and then relax when finished and enjoy the next morning so much more!

3.  Make something handmade each month.

Reason:  I want to expand my hand making skills, and produce some things at a bit slower pace.

Plan:  Choose a little project at the beginning of each month, gather supplies, and work on it in the evenings while relaxing.  Expand skills in embroidery, paper piecing, and  hand quilting.

4.  Make quilts for all the beds in our house.

Reason:  I have lots of fabric I want to use, and want to have some cozy quilts on our beds.

Plan:  Since we currently only have three beds in the house {my queen bed, Silas’s twin, and Norah’s crib (which already has a quilt – see above!)}, this is a good time to start.  I already have a plan for both these quilts, I just need to implement it!

5.  Write patterns for new bags before showing the bag.

Reason:  I am often impatient, show the bag, and then take literally months {if not more – Stella bag, anyone?!} to actually produce the patterns.  I am then sent lots of e-mails asking when the pattern will be available…and start to feel frustrated.

Plan:  Work on the pattern writing while making the bag.  Use showing the finished bag as motivation for pattern writing!

So, there you have my goals.  Should I accomplish any completely {or make a complete habit of them}, I will replace them on my quarterly review.  I know this isn’t really a quilty post, but thanks for listening to my goals!  Hopefully, by sharing them, I will better accomplish them and be accountable!

Are you the resolution or goal making type?  Do you have any tips on accomplishing these goals?

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  1. says

    Some of your goals sound a lot like my goals for the year! I finally decided that my husband and I were just spending to much time and money figuring out dinner plans when I didn’t plan ahead, so meal planning has been something I’ve started in the new year. It helped that I made a long list of ways we like food prepared (teriyaki chicken, peppered pork loin, green beans with lemon) so I can mix and match them when planning meals. I also found that I do better when I make the plans Sunday night while the husband is home so that I get his input about what we want. I also save the ads from grocery stores so I can see when certain things are on mega sale so I can plan the meals around the sales. By adding the meals to our shared calendar he knows ahead of time what’s for dinner at night and I can remember to defrost things ahead of time that need defrosting.

    Also, I like your goal #5. I fell in love with your Stella bag when you posted the picture however many months ago. Please finish the pattern! I have until July and then the baby will be here and I’ll need a diaper bag!!!


  2. says

    These are good goals and you can do them. The more you can include your kids in the activities the easier they will be. I know they are little but may have fun being part of meal planning and cleaning up after dinner and these are great life skills. You will have fun making the quilts and sharing the patterns too.
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  3. Judi says

    WOW! What a great post, and very inspirational too. Your aims sound really achievable, and I feel sure you will gain a whole load of sewing time just by making those little adjustments to the way you do things.

    My husband had recently had to take over the food shopping as I’m disabled and can no longer do it, and he seems, like you, to spend half his life dropping into the supermarket to pick up the things he forgot. However, I’m SO grateful for all that he does for me, I’d hate to moan about it, but I guess he’ll eventually figure it out himself.

    Good luck with your new goals

    Judi in the UK

  4. nancy in IN says

    Goals are doable; that’s great. Set yourself up to succeed. Keep a sewing journal so you can see what you have been sewing over the years.
    My goals include using my stash and not to buy just to add to this stash. I do have to buy when I make Easter clothes for grands as I don’t have large pieces that I can use for their clothes.
    Blessings for the new year.

  5. says

    This is such a great idea! I have the same problem with dinner planning — I need to start planning ahead myself. The handmade sewing goal is great too. I usually have a project upstairs in our bedroom which just lives in that room. It makes it easier when I can pick it up whenever I’m there and then leave it for the next night. It’s relaxing, and I love being able to get something done without my machine.
    Heidi @ Fabric Mutt recently posted..HappeningMy Profile

  6. says

    I am so with you on the clean the kitchen thing, glad it’s not just me!
    It takes so little time in the evening.
    ps I have just cut up a vintage sheet from my stash, I mean whats the point in having fabric if you dont use it!!
    Love the bunting x

  7. says

    Jennie, reading your first two goals was as though I was reading my own! I have such a hard time with meal planning, to the point where I end up at the store nearly every day of the week or we end up eating out too often. My problem is that I have a hard time coming up with new meal ideas that will please my kids *and* my husband and me. Or at least not result in a total meltdown at the dinner table. And cleaning up the kitchen every night is a big priority for me too. I just can’t stand waking up to a messy kitchen, so I have to force myself to clean it up each night before bed. It’s worth it, though!

  8. says

    These are great goals Jennie!!
    I am terrible at meal planning too. It works ok for me most of the time, because I mostly cook without recipes and can throw stuff together with whatever we have in the fridge.
    But, it would be better to have one and I’m actually also working on this this year. It just didn’t make my 5. I found a really good magnetic calendar from Kikki k that has a perforated rip off shopping list at the bottom. Do you have that shop? I got mine here….

    There is a full meal planner for all meals and a bigger shopping list by aisle, but I like this compact one for both cause its really only dinner I struggle with.
    Kat recently posted..What comes up…My Profile

  9. says

    Those are some good goals. I’m more of a goal maker than resolution person. I’m aiming for #1 too. Makes life so much smoother if I just spend a bit of time once a week and plan. Cheaper on the grocery budget too b/c I’m just like you and end up too often at the grocery store!
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  10. says

    Those sound like great goals. I don’t usually do goals, either, for the same reason you gave. It’s funny because some of yours are ones I should work on, too. Like cleaning the kitchen at night. Ha, I never do it. When I go upstairs to put Karina to bed, I go to bed right after her. I clean the kitchen in the morning while I”m making breakfast. It might not be the most efficient way, but so far it works for me. I do need to work on the dinner thing. I am going to try, without pressuring myself, to cook a meal a week. Right now I cook nothing. So I’m starting slow and we’ll see what happens. Good luck with your goals, too! PS Thank you for increasing the font size on the comment section. I can read what I’m typing now. :-)

  11. says

    Love your approach: kind and reasonable. This year I started being a lot more intentional @ the money I spend on food. I can be quite vigilent about saving some here & there then blow it on eating out or grocery shopping. What has been the most successful for me has been cooking on the week-ends and freezing dinner size portions: pot roast, pasta sauce, soups, beans, etc. i’m not a fan of left overs, but having them frozen, pulling it out a couple of weeks later does not feel like eating leftovers! My other trick ( awfully old to only now figuring it out) is to have ” set points” for purchases. I’m tracking how much staples cost. It makes it easier to avoid impulse buying and i save some to boot.
    Thanks so much for this post and the links. Most encouraging and your frankness is a very kind and generous gift. I love your timing . Looking forward to your checking in & update posts.

  12. says

    I love your goals and that they can be personalized to each individual’s needs. I have a list too!! What I also love about the way you listed them is the reason and the plan, great ideas you have my dear!! Love you!!

  13. says

    Nice goals! I love Norah’s room! I started with a goal of a quilt for every bed too~ now they each have 3! 😉 My next biggie goal is a Christmas quilt for every bed. It may not happen this year, but it will happen. funny you should mention the Stella bag~ I was just thinking about it! Great minds! LOL Have a great weekend!

  14. Sarah Norman says

    I do number one, it saves us a lot of money and saves me being in the supermarket with a toddler all the time! I also try to do number 2 too, I hate coming down to a messy kitchen, especially if it smells like last night’s food. I’ve had a ridiculously sensitive sense of smell since I got pregnant and it never really went away once I had him, so this is a huge incentive for me to do it! I try to do it before I put my toddler to bed, then I can have the evening to myself with no housework :)

  15. Amy says

    Do you have a crockpot? I absolutely love mine. It is a must for busy nights when three kids have activities at different times. Check out http://www.savingyoudinero.com she lists 20 different make ahead crockpot meals that you freeze in ziplock bags, take out of the freezer as needed and dump in the crockpot to cook- you can spend an hour prepping several meals and know that you are set for a week or more! FANTASTIC! I also try to plan my meals for a 2 week period (based on my hubby’s pay period) I come up with 10-12 meals I would like to fix over that time and make sure I have ingredients or add it to my list for shopping. It really cuts down on numerous trips to the store. I only have to run in for milk and bananas in between! Good luck!

  16. says

    I love your last goal: Write patterns for new bags before showing the bag. I am so guilty of that one. As I start putting the blog post together I’m faced with the dilemma of posting or waiting to pull together a pattern. May you reach all your goals this year.

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