Just Plain Fun

I have not done a single bit of sewing this past week! The reason is that my daughter and two grandchildren are visiting us from Florida. We have had lots of fun and don’t want to miss a second with them!!DSC_0014


We did manage a great day trip to the D.C. Zoo, it was the warmest day at 54 degrees outside. It was sunny and just so warm, perfect!! This is Opa and Chloe waiting for the rest of us to come to the table for lunch.DSC_0035

Here’s Rachel and Tommy getting ready to eat, but we needed a quick smile for Grandma first.DSC_0027The Panda’s were especially exciting to see. They spent the whole time eating bamboo!!

DSC_0052A ride on the carousel is the best. Rachel and Tommy picking their ride.

DSC_0050I think this is Opa and Chloe just after their ride. I always stand on the side and wave and smile as they go by.

DSC_0053A tiger pacing and pacing, it was not long before closing time and it seemed as though all the animals knew it was almost time to go in for the evening.

DSC_0022A look through the glass!

We had a great time at the zoo. The whole week has been so fun and coming to an end too quickly, it is so sad, but we hope to see them sooner next time. We kept busy at the park, putting together puzzles, playing, playing, and a visit to Fun Land today.

I hope you are having a great week!! I will be back to sewing soon. I think I am very well rested up and a little anxious to get started on all those projects that I have stacked up.

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