A Strawberry Pincushion Swap & Pillowcases

I  joined the strawberry pincushion swap that Erin at why not sew hosted. Thank you Erin, it was so much fun to be involved in this great idea. She paired us each with a partner. I made my strawberry pincushion using scraps of some of my favorite pink and red fabrics and a little strip of selvage. The pattern I used is from Heather Bailey’s fresh picked pincushions, I did change my pincushions just a little.

strawberry swap#1DSC_0816

Of course, who can make just one? Not me! I had fun cutting and sewing to make a couple more. I will be off to the post office today to put my package in the mail!

Strawberry swapDSC_0815

This is the most time I have had in a long time to work on a few of my WIP’s. It has felt so good digging into the piles and actually make my projects. I had come to the point of either cleaning up my sewing room and putting everything away, or finishing them. Thankfully finishing them won.

A couple of Christmas’s ago (that’s how long I have had this fabric) Jennie and I were planning to make each child a pillowcase so one for Silas, and one for Tommy and one for Chloe, (my two other sweet grandchildren). Norah was a baby that year, but now she is old enough to use a small travel size pillow, so I made a couple for her too!! I did use Jennie’s tutorial  for one and just made the others with the amount of fabric that I had.

Tommy’s, his matches the quilt Jennie made for him.

Tommy pillowcaseDSC_0824

This is Chloe’s, her pillowcase is made using Jennie’s tutorial, I must admit I did a lot of taking out of seams because french seams are just something I had never sewn before. I sure do like the end result of them.

Chloe pillowcaseDSC_0822

And Norah’s too!! Hers were small so I had enough fabric left over from Chloe’s so I easily made her two. Don’t you just love that Little Red Riding Hood fabric of Tasha Noel’s? I do!

Norah's pillowcasesDSC_0827

I am planning to make Silas a special pillowcase too, I am just waiting for the fabric for his to arrive. I will show you when it is finished.

Now I can check a few more things off the list and move on to some other projects waiting to be finished.

Have a great day!

Do tell us what you are sewing these days, we love to hear!!

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    Sweet projects Clara! Doesn’t feel great to be able to put some check marks on the to do list?! I love your strawberries!! The small scale fabrics and the selvedge are so precious; you have a lucky partner!!

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