Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


This little mini heart is all finished and ready to be hung in its new home.  I wanted the binding to blend in with the background of the quilt and I think it does! You can see a little bit of sun streaming into the room, nice and bright today!


A single picture of this little quilt that I have not stitched on in forever. I am asking for thoughts, should I continue the hand stitching or give it up and use the machine to do the quilting? I am on the fence if I like the way it is turning out or not. It’s my first attempt and well I don’t know!! What do you think, what would you do??


A fun trip to Target and I had chocolate and cute washi {red and pink chevron and pink cupcake sprinkles} tape, and red finger nail polish in my cart. It felt great to get out and I am glad I went when I did because that evening the snow came and piled up everywhere.


Here is a picture of my son doing some snow shoveling. Yesterday we had a neighborhood helper clear our driveway and then when the snow plow came past it was piled up in front of our driveway so we were blocked in (our driveway is very long). This is the first real snow we have had this year so I am not complaining at all. It is pretty to look at for sure. Since we had freezing rain the top of it is frozen hard. Wonder how long it will be around?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. says

    I actually love the look of the hand quilting on your pink quilt! It adds a beautiful vintage charm to it! I say keep at it but that’s just my opinion. Love the wall hanging too, turned out beautifully! :)

  2. Marcia A Tokarchuk says

    Love the quilting! Very nice contrast and framing. You didn’t say how big the quilt is but should get you thru a few of your fav TV episodes.

  3. says

    I think you should definitely keep up the hand quilting. I would love to do hand quilting as my machine isn’t very good at regular quilting.
    Yes, definitely keep it up, I think it looks beautiful.

  4. says

    Your heart quilt turned out wonderfully! So adorable. Love that little quilt with the hand stitching. It really looks great. I’d vote to keep going. If you feel it needs more quilting when you’re finished you can always add machine quilting to it.
    marcella recently posted..Happy Valentines Day!My Profile

  5. says

    I love how your pixelated heart quilt turned out! The hand quilting always looks so nice, but if it was me I’d be machine quilting that baby and moving on. There are too many other fun things waiting to be made.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  6. Sigi G says

    Love your little mini heart. I like how the low volume Fabric is arranged around the heart patches.
    I’m still totally at the beginning with the quilting part of the quilts, but I really like your hand stitches around each block – reminds me of someones cherished quilt of long ago,

  7. Timtirim says

    I also would continue with hand quilting. This makes the quilt more special. I like the colours, too. Great quilt!

  8. Kay says

    When I saw the quilt the first thought I had was that I loved the hand quilting, so I would suggest you carry on with it. Hand quilting is worth it in the end. It is looking very beautiful already.

  9. Melinda says

    Oh please keep up the hand quilting. It is simply gorgeous. I’m glad that you have a son at the age where he can help around the house.

  10. Joan says

    I like the hand quilting very much. I like the framing. If you haven’t grown to tired when done perhaps you can do some flowers in the sashing. Or something wavy. Beautiful quilt.

  11. Sarah says

    It’s a late response, sorry, but I say keep quilting. It looks great, so pretty. The snow looks magnificent too. Has it all melted away now?

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