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Simple Scrappy Sampler {Week 2}

TurstyleWelcome to week two! I’m really excited about this quilt because I’m using all my favorite fabrics, so I know I’m really going to love this quilt! Oh, and we started a Flickr group too, for those of you who prefer Flickr to Instagram, you can find it here. Block three uses one of my favorite prints from Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille for Moda.

Economy-PatchBlock four is the Economy Patch, and I decided not to use the La Creme dots on this one. Since I didn’t really plan on using them in every block, I thought it was a good time to throw in some blocks without the dots.

Simple Scrappy Sampler 3-4Here’s the cutting layout for the blocks. Alternately, PDF version can be downloaded here. Here are a couple notes on the blocks:

Turnstyle: I cut the blocks at 5″ and 5 1/4″, respectively. Then I trimmed each quarter of the block to 4 1/2″ before sewing. This seemed easier than cutting anything with 3/16ths of an inch!

Economy Patch: I started with a 4 1/2″ center square and over sized the triangle corners. The first set of corners trims down to a 6 1/8″ square, then the second set to 8 1/2″. I’d much rather trim a little off than have my block too small.

Week-2-blocksAnd here are all four blocks together. I’m excited to start the next two. If you’re sewing along, we’d love to see your blocks either in the Flickr group or be sure to tag it #simplescrappysamplerqal on Instagram.

Sewvivor – Clover & Violet – Jennie P.


Happy Tuesday! I’m blogging today because I’ve decided to enter the Sewvivor competition at Family Ever After!

This time around the contest is Quilter’s Edition, which really seemed perfect to me since {nearly} everything I make is quilted. Since the audition entry can be a previously made project, I decided to submit my Caitlin pouch pattern. It is both made of patchwork and quilted, and I love the idea of having and using quilted items all the time!


I had a lot of fun pairing bright solid with the low volume prints in this pouch. Since I am not super adventurous with the accessories I carry, I feel like this creates a bold look without being loud or obnoxious!


The fabrics are Road 15 by Sweetwater and Moda Bella Aqua and this pouch has a fun recessed zipper and removable handle, so it would be great in your sewing room or out and about!


So, fingers crossed that I get picked for the competition, I really love this sort of stuff! And, if you’re interested in entering, you can find all the details here.

Simple Scrappy Sampler Quilt Along {Week 1}

Simple-Scrappy-Sampler-Block-1Happy Monday! Here are the first two blocks of my sampler quilt! I decided to just start with some of my favorite fabrics, in hopes that will help me keep on track and make the whole quilt! The first block is called “Hourglass” by Electric Quilt 7, even though it is not what I would have thought of as an hourglass!

Simple-Scrappy-Sampler-Block-2And then the next block is a simple star. All these blocks will finish at 8″ square, I felt like this was a good size for me, not tiny, but it will still give a lot of variety to the quilt.

Simple Scrappy Sampler 1-2Here are the piece sizes to make each block. I am just going to list the actual sizes needed for the block, not the detailed construction directions. You can download a PDF of the size requirements here. Also, here are a few notes for the blocks:

Hourglass: I used 5″ squares for the half-square triangles, and then trimmed them to 4 1/2″ when they were sewn. I cut 2 1/2″ x 11″ strips for the small squares, sewed them together, and then trimmed them into 2 1/2″ units.

Sawtooth Star: I used the same method Chrissy used for the star of the Mini Medallion QAL. I did not upsize my geese units, but it probably would have been a good idea, to get everything square.

Personally, I’d rather waste a little bit of fabric than have my quilt not turn out square, as I know my seam allowances aren’t always perfect.

Simple-Scrappy-Sampler-Week-1If you’re making one of these along with me, I’d love to see your progress! Share a link in the comments below or tag your project on social media with #simplescrappysamplerqal and tag me too!

Oh, and if you have a favorite basic quilt block that you think would be a good fit for this quilt, please let me know!

Organization: Erin Condren Life Planner {Six Months Later}


My 2014-2015 Erin Condren Life Planner arrived today! Thanks to everyone who used our referral link, I was able to order the planner at no cost! Anyway, when I posted my original review, I said I’d update in six months to let everyone know my thoughts {because all new things are fun when they first arrive, but long term use matters with something like a planner}.


I usually do my weekly planning on Saturday morning {which is why this coming week is mostly empty!}, and I look forward to choosing the washi tape and getting my sharpies out. I use the top box for family, middle for blog/e-mails, and bottom for sewing goals. Then, I write my meal plan in the lines below the calendar {planning my meals has really helped me not waste as much food}.


Here’s the inside of next year’s planner {you can actually order an 18-month planner, but I decided to go with January since I really like this year’s!}. I think the clear bookmark is an improvement, and it’s much sturdier than this year’s bookmark.Planner3I’m also excited about the forget me not perpetual calendar. It has a line for every day of the year to write birthday’s and anniversaries, and then you can just slip in in the next planner! I think I’m going to start using it now.

Planner4I also splurged on a second cover…because, why not? It seemed like a fun idea, and I wanted to see what they were like. Well, they’re made exactly the same as the cover that came on the planner. Even if you don’t ever buy a second one, it’s kind of fun to think that you could switch them out if you wanted with the previous years’.

I stick to my previous review that $50 is not too expensive for something that will get used all year, and Erin Condren is a successful small business, she took her idea and has grown it amazingly. Again, I’m not trying to convince anyone that they need one of these particular planners {my previous post listed some links for more planners, if you’re interested}. But, if you do decide to splurge on an Erin Condren Life Planner, I have a referral link that will give you a $10 off coupon to use within 30 days of creating an account, and, for full disclosure, should you make a purchase, our account will also receive $10.

If you tried out a Life Planner this year, did you love it? Do you have a different planner you’d like to recommend? Do you have any organization tips for me?


Simple Scrappy Sampler Quilt Along

Happy Monday! I’m heading to the Post Office this morning to mail my mini quilt from the #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap on Instagram, but I wanted to share it with all of you and my latest quilt plan too! So, here’s my mini quilt:

Simple-Scrappy-Sampler-Mini-QuiltI used Electric Quilt 7 to create the cutting directions for these blocks and they were so fun to make! I have been wanting to make a sampler quilt, kind of like the Farmer’s Wife, but the tiny, intricate blocks are just too much for me right now. So, instead, I’m going to make my own sampler quilt with 8″ blocks using some of my special, hoarded fabrics:

StashAnd, in case any of you want to make one too, I’m going to be blogging my progress {as well as cutting directions} every Monday {I hope}. And, then, in about a year, I’ll have a queen sized quilt. I’ve been hoping and planning to make one forever, but I’ve been hesitant to commit to any one thing. I’m hoping using the blog will give me some motivation and accountability!

mini-quilt-swap---EQ7-772014-104249-AM.bmpHere are the first two blocks I’ll be posting next week, along with a little more info. This is just going to be a low-key quilt along, but if you want to join me, I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram too with the tag #simlpescrappysamplerqal

I will also post finishing directions for the mini quilt shown here, in case you want to make one like it instead of a larger quilt. And now, I’m off to mail my swap package! Hope your week is off to a great start.