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Island Batiks Bags

lucy-hobo-smallWe have some lovely new bags to show you today! Sandie of Crazy ‘Bout Quilts sewed these amazing bags for us to send to Island Batiks to show off their fall collections. Above is the Lucy hobo, one of our most popular patterns {and my favorite of the Island Batiks bags!}.

anne-handbag-smallHere’s the Anne handbag, another of our popular patterns. Of course, I love how the light lavender looks in the gathered detail.

louisa-bag-smallThe Louisa bag is my personal favorite of all our patterns, I feel like it is just the right size for every day. I also like that it uses slightly larger cuts of fabric to really show off the prints.

Jane-bag-smallAnd finally, the Jane bag, our very first pattern {printed patterns should arrive this week or next!}.

As always, Sandie did amazing work on these bags! With the severe time restraint of having small children, and my mom traveling this summer, there is no way we could have sewn these bags and keep up with anything else. We cannot thank her enough for helping us keep our business moving forward.

Additionally, Island Batiks will be distributing our patterns along with these fabrics, so, if your local quilt shop carries Island Batiks, you may find some of our patterns on their shelves soon. And if you own a quilt shop {or know someone who does}, and would like to carry our printed patterns, please check out our wholesale page for more information on carrying our printed patterns, we’d love to work with you.

The Jane Bag {Going to Print}

The printed patterns are in, you can find them here!

jane-bag-pattern-coverAll of my sewing life has been a little off-track over the last couple of weeks as I’ve been working on getting the Jane bag ready for printing! Fortunately, Nicole of Lilyella does the layout for us, so at least I don’t have to learn how to do something else!

Jane-view-cSince print is forever {there aren’t any options to make little changes later!}, I made up a new single fabric version for the pattern cover. I used some Sunkissed by Sweetwater for the body and then some Ruby by Bonnie & Camille for the handle {I am so excited that the scallops were reprinted with Miss Kate!}.

Jane-view-bYou’ve probably seen this before, but here’s the fat quarter/fat eighth version I made a while back, when I updated the pattern. I really love the Good Fortune by Kate Spain for Moda!

jane-bag-aAnd here is the original style of the Jane bag, made out of Malam Batiks by Jinny Beyer for RJR Fabrics. The bag turned out really pretty, I love the turquoise colors!

jane-3-stylesAnd here are all three styles together, they’re the same size, it’s only the angle that makes them look different! So, you’ll be seeing printed patterns available soon, but the PDF is in the shop now! This bag makes up really quick and is a perfect starter bag, if you’ve never sewn one before!

It feels really excited to have the very first pattern in our history becoming a paper pattern!

Interfacing Bags: By Annie’s Soft and Stable


In working on the Felicity bag I decided to try a different form of interfacing because the metal frame would weigh down the purse {I’ll talk more about the interfacing we use in our other bags in a separate post}. I stopped by the By Annie’s booth at Quilt Market and received a tiny sample of Soft and Stable, it intrigued me, so I picked up a package when I was at the quilt shop with my mom. Since this is something one either has to order online or buy from a quilt shop, not everyone has easy access to decide weather it is a product they’re ready to try.


I took a scrap of Soft and Stable and quilted a small piece of unwashed fabric to it. Then, I threw it in the washing machine on warm and in the dryer. Since I’m a mom {and somewhat clumsy}, that products are washable is important to me. I’d hate to put an investment into something only to have it ruined in the wash. I’m happy to report that it turned out great!


Here’s a picture of the Soft and Stable from the side, the deep lines on it are where I quilted the fabric down, but you can see how easily it sews, and also how thick it is from this angle. This is after washing, and it looks the same as it did before washing.


And here’s a picture of the inside of the Felicity bag that I’m working on, again, you can see the Soft and Stable is a little puffy, but the bag stands up nicely on its own. I did make my original Felicity bag with the Soft and Stable and have been using it for over a month, so know that I’ve not only sewed with this, but have used it myself too. You will be seeing a few more sturdy bags in our pattern lineup because of this great product!


If you’re making a sturdy, yet light weight bag, that you want to stand up on its own, Soft and Stable is an excellent choice because it is easy to work with, affordable, and even washes well.

While some might find cost a concern, I feel Soft and Stable is very reasonably priced. I have been able to make two bags out of the 36″ x 58″ package I bought, and I believe {hope} I should have enough to make one more. Also, since bags are upwards of $20 even at big box stores like Target and Wal-Mart, I feel it is worth the investment for a custom bag made out of beautiful fabric.

There are only two drawbacks that I could think of, but both have easy solutions.

First, it does look a little puffy when quilted, which I personally am not a fan of. So, for this bag, I interfaced the bag, quilted it, and then added the Soft and Stable. Fortunately, the Soft and Stable doesn’t need to be quilted!

Second, since it is so flexible, it does not make a sturdy bag bottom for a flat bag. I found that when using the bag, if my wallet and keys were off to one side, it pulled the bag kind of funny. Again, by adding something for a bag bottom {either a purchased bottom or plastic canvas}, this problem is completely solved.

I hope you’re encouraged to try some Soft and Stable! And if you’re on the lookout for the Felicity bag, I am hoping it will be ready soon! Some other pattern work and three busy kids have been keeping me from it, but I’m steadily trying to finish it!

Simple Scrappy Sampler {Week 4}

Sampler-7This week I made one really simple block and one that is slightly more complex {for me at least!}. So, first up is the Two by Two block. I chose some of my favorite Bliss prints and made this one without the dots, I love how bright it is!

Sampler-8For my second block, I made the Rolling Stone. Don’t look too close because my points don’t quite line up {should I remake this?!}.  I think part of the issue was that I have told EQ7 to adjust cutting to 1/8″ instead of 1/16″, which leaves the blocks slightly less accurate. For now I can live with it because from a distance I can’t tell too much. I want this quilt to be fun and stress-free, and I never claimed to be perfect!

Simple Scrappy Sampler 7-8

Here’s the cutting layout for the blocks. Alternately, PDF version can be downloaded here. A few of you noted last week that the PDFs had strange squares all over them, I think that issue is resolved and all the PDF files are updated! Here are a couple notes on the blocks:

Two by Tow: I just cut 2 9″ x 2 1/2″ strips of the blue and one each of red and pink. I sewed the strips together in sets of two and then cut into 4 1/2″ squares. This was the quickest block yet!

Rolling Stone: I followed all the cutting precisely, but when I sewed my rectangle units together they needed to be trimmed. I miss measured and the green was ever so slightly larger than the blue, this made some of my points not line up. So, if you trim, trim very carefully!

sampler-8-blocksAnd here are all eight blocks together! My mini design wall is running out of space already, I may have to find a space to make a really large one, because seeing all the blocks together really helps me in choosing fabrics!

As usual, if you’re sewing along, please share in the Flickr group or on Instagram with the tag #simplescrappysamplerqal. I’m already looking forward to next week’s blocks!

Summer and Looking Forward {Your Opinions Please}


I feel like the sewing world is having a summer slow-down. On Instagram I see pictures of kids playing in pools, people eating sno cones, and everyone enjoying the warmer months. I’ve been doing my share of enjoying the outside and playing with my children! My husband and I took them to an orchard this week and they thought picking fruit was the greatest!


Exciting things have been happening with Clover & Violet too. We are sending some bags to Island Batiks for their fall lines, which means we should also be getting the Jane bag in print! Sandie of Crazy ’bout Quilts made these bags for us and she did an amazing job! Even though I’ve never sewn with Batik fabrics, they are growing on me. I should have more details and photos of the bags.


If you’re a follower on Instagram, you’ve seen this picture, but for those of you who aren’t, I’m steadily working on the updated Felicity bag so that we can have a pattern release soon! I have made quite a few modifications to the original design, but it should make the bag even better and ready for use! This was my first attempt at using ByAnnie Soft and Stable, I will also have a more post about it soon {though I don’t usually use such stiff interfacings, this purse really needed it for the heavy frame, and I’m really happy with the product}.

My mom and I have also been working on a few other patterns, in hopes of having some pattern releases in August and September.

So, there you have it, a lot of progress, but not a lot of finishes. I hope you’re enjoying your summer too! And, with the fall closing in on us already, I’m putting together a few more contributors and some other blog posts, so, I’d love your input. What kind of posts would you like to see? Information you’d like to learn? We’d love to know what our readers want to read!