Louisa Bag: WIP

Hello! I am giving you a preview of my Louisa bag and the progress I have made so far. (If you would like to purchase this pattern or any of our other patterns, visit our shop here.)  I hope you have had a great start to the week!!

Bag-Making-SuppliesThese are the tools that I use when I am making a bag. I just got the tailors pressing ham yesterday and have found that I love it! I looked it up and found there is a tutorial for making your own if you don’t want to purchase one. Google tailors pressing ham and I am sure you will find one or more on the internet.  It only costed about $15.00, which is not that much considering there are many other times I wish I had  one.  What I had been using was the rounded end of my ironing board and it did a fairly good job, but I think I am going to love this extra tool!!

I use a 24″ ruler, nice and long for cutting those longer lengths of fabric, interfacing and flannel. Rotary cutter, a cloth tape measure, (nice for measuring around the bag for adding the gusset and such). Then scissors, seam ripper, and a pincushion for all the pins I use in construction. The pins with the yellow heads are sturdier for those thicker layers. I find the thinner pins bend too easily, so I will save them for quilting and sewing. Of course not shown are my sewing machine and iron! Couldn’t do it with out them!!

Louisa-front-and-back-2These are the two panels I started with, I showed them last week but thought it would be okay to see it from the start again.

Louisa-panels-with-blueThis is the fabric I chose for the gusset, handles, binding, ties and maybe the lining.

Louisa-bag-body-patchwork-1 This is after the gusset and ties are sewn on, it’s looking like a bag now.

Louisa-bag-inside-2  An inside view. We will be sharing the reason we use flannel for our bags and the type of interfacing we love. Just waiting for some supplies so we can go into more detail.

Louisa-bag-with-handlesLastly I have body of my bag and the interfaced handles sewn and just need to be finished up. I am excited about this bag because I love the size of it and the fabric, yes some of my favorites.

Just a quick view of how my Louisa bag is coming along. There is a Louisa Bag tour on instagram. If you would like to see lots more Louisa bags in the process of being made, search the #Louisabag, or #cloverandviolet, you will find more. Some completely finished and some just getting started. I have been enjoying seeing them all!! These ladies are doing an amazing job.

Louisa Bag Remake: Introducing “Bags For Quilters”

Good Morning! It’s Friday and I am looking forward to a nice weekend! We got some snow and it is still very cold here, perfect for sewing and quilting and creating. I have been spending my time sewing on a new Louisa bag. If you would like to purchase a pattern to make your own follow the link here. (We have this pattern available in both pdf and printed form). I chose to do a mix of Bonnie and Camille fabrics for my new bag, I am so happy with how it is looking!

We are doing something a little new, that is to begin a series of blog posts for sewists who make quilts and would like to make bags also. We have heard from  fellow quilters that they aren’t sure if they could make bags but we are going to try to help in that area. We believe if you can quilt you can make a bag, especially our bags. Because we love making bags and designing bags that everyone can make. Maybe there are just a few tips and techniques that would really help make that a reality. Our series will be called “Bags For Quilters”. There’s just something so fun about carrying around a bag that you made using fabric that you really love.

Louisa-front-and-back-panelsThese are the two panels that will make up the main part (body) of my bag, the front and the back of the bag. They are patchwork sewn just as you would for making a quilt. It is simple and arranged the way you want it to look.

Louisa-front-and-back-2We leave a small border of the flannel around the outside to strengthen the seam allowance. I don’t always do this but for the purpose of this photo I have left them on. It is a little hard to see but there is about 1/4″ around the edges of each panel.

Louisa-panels-with-blueNow for the decision part. What to make the gusset (sides and bottom piece), handles and binding out of. I like the blue. Usually when we begin making a bag all of those choices are made before beginning, but I am making this bag from fabric I already have on hand.

Louisa-panels-with-pinkThe second choice I have is a solid pink that I think would also go well with the prints. It really is a matter of choice and what direction I want my bag to go in. Not sure though! I like them both so that makes it really difficult. My other Louisa bag has pink so maybe I am leaning toward the blue. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. I always love asking!!

We hope you look forward to our series as much as we are and that you follow along, if you have any specific questions we would be happy to answer them! We have a variety of other patterns available in our Clover & Violet Shop that you might want to purchase, some in both pdf and printed form and some just in pdf form. We would love it if you stopped by and had a look!!

Have a great day!!


Sewing Hearts

Sewing hearts is fun and quick! I had a little fun sewing the past week or so. Not a lot but just small things that will mostly be gifted.

hearts-1These hearts are ready to be assembled into a mini wall hanging with some sashing. I had fun choosing the colors and fabric for these. I have been seeing a lot of cute heart things all over instagram. There is a lot of eye candy, I mean a lot!!

hearts-2Here is a little wall hanging or maybe even a little quilt to go on a table or just anywhere to add a little Valentine cheer. It has lots of pretty PamKittyMorning pink fabric, well because I love Pam’s fabric.

heart-mug-rugAnother fun little sewing project that I made was this pink heart mug rug. It is for a special lady!! Hope she likes it.

pincushion-1Lastly I have this pink and red pincushion, also made with Pam Kitty Morning  fabric, that I had fun making for a friend. I made the hexies and wasn’t sure what it   would be but decided a pincushion for lots of sewing. Loving those heart pins, I had some from a friend and will share some with my new friend.

hearts-miniI think this will be the layout for these hearts. I used the tutorial from CluckCluckSew. It is a great tutorial and she has the directions for making these in different sizes. The heart I made are the smallest ones that finish at 4″. Now I need to go finish up these projects that are going in the mail.

Have a great weekend and hope you have a Happy Valentines Day!!

Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

These are my log cabin quilt blocks that I received from the ladies in the Sew Sweet Bee and I am ready to finish and sew them into a quilt. That will make one less w.i.p. and another great quilt to have in my home.Sewsweetbee-1The photos are not that wonderful but the blocks really are special. I love that each and every block has fabric that is not in my collection, but came from someone who made them for me. I have decided that I think this quilt needs to be larger so I will be adding several more blocks to make it the size that I would like it to be. I have started 7 but now that I have thought about it more, I have decided to go even larger. I will show updated pictures as soon as I have made  more blocks.

Sewsweebee-2I am playing with the layout to decide which one I like better. It is a little hard to tell but I have laid them out in two different patterns.

Sewsweetbee-3I really do think this is the pattern that I like the best, the top photo is the same layout and you can see it a little better in it. I just need to do some rearranging after I make the additional blocks, that is the fun part.

Aqua-stashI always enjoy searching through my fabric stash to see what I have that I can use. No trip to the quilt shop this time!!

What are you sewing on these Winter days? It sure does seem to be perfect weather for sewing! Although, I will say I am so looking forward to Spring!!


Last Bee Blocks {Union Jack}

Good Morning! It’s Friday and the start of a nice long weekend. I did not accomplish very much sewing this week, not really feeling very well. But, I am so glad to be back to normal now.

A couple of things that I made are these two “Union Jack” blocks. They are for the lovely Rhonda of quilter in the gap for the Modern Stitching Bee. By the way they are very late!


This is the first one and was very much a trial for me. I really dreaded making it. But once I decided I had to make it or tell Rhonda I had chickened out and couldn’t, I decided to really just give it the best shot I could. I also got a lot of encouragement from my daughter, Jennie, Rhonda and lot of lovelies on instagram. And just like many others said, it really wasn’t that hard. Hehe, so easy to say now that they are finished.

After I made this one I did think it could have used a different color in it and maybe it would have been a little more interesting. But saying that, I really do love these two blue fabrics. Rhonda also gave me her approval, so that is really all that matters, since it is for her.


Next was to make a second one. I really like Pam Kitty Morning fabrics and thought this would be a good combo. I am super pleased with it. Kind of like Valentine colors, I do love them. It did get easier after the first one, it’s because I used a great tutorial that Molli Sparkles has on his blog. It is really a super tutorial and that is why I added the link. I am sure I could not have done it without it. If you have ever considered making one just use his tutorial, it’s the best. I am now dreaming of a quilt with these blocks, it would be so lovely!!


Here are the two blocks side by side, totally different but the same.

The Modern Stitching Bee is no longer running. I only belonged to it for one year and really enjoyed it. A little sad it is over though.

I hope you have a great Friday and a super weekend.