Modern Stitching Bee Blocks

I have been making a little progress on my blocks for the Modern Stitching Bee. I was thinking these blocks were going to be difficult, but they are just fun!


It is fun going through scraps and putting them together in a fun way! I love seeing all the mixes of fabrics in each of these blocks.


I have been sewing many other things lately, but I am glad to be making bee blocks again.


These are all for now. I have a couple of more blocks for this bee and then several more for the Sew Sweet Bee.


Quilty Fun 1st Birthday Celebration!!

Happy 1 year Birthday to “Quilty Fun”, Lori Holt’s adorable book!!


This is the block that she designed for the celebration, such a fun idea. It is the cutest, as is everything she makes!!


If you would like to make your own birthday block you can go here for the cutting directions. And if you would like to purchase Lori’s book go here!! This book is filled with many adorable projects and you can learn so much from her. I never thought I would be able to sew such tiny things until I started sewing using her method!! Here is the link for party central!!

Have a great day!  I have a little secret for choosing these colors, my granddaughter  will be celebrating her 1st birthday in just a couple of weeks and this is going to be for her birthday celebration. Lori helped make Lydia’s birthday just a little bit cuter!! Thank you!!

Mini’s & Swaps

As the holiday’s approach it seems like gifts are on more on our minds. All through the summer there were many swaps going on.  I have put together some of the swaps I have been involved in, these are from instagram swaps.


This is the most recent swap I was involved in on instagram. It was called the #enchantedforestmugrugswap. This cutie is what I received in the mail Saturday from Courtney, she is super talented and made this for me. She did beautiful paper piecing on the front of it.


This is the back, no less cute than the front. All that very special fabric, that I had never even seen some of before. I am going to hang it in a special place in my new sewing room. I am still transitioning, hope it is finished soon!!


Next is this little mini that was made for me by Carmen. Isn’t it adorable? She made it using paper piecing also. This is hanging in my kitchen. It was part of the #strawberryswap.


I made this for my partner and sent it off to her this summer. I really enjoyed the paper piecing. It was so much fun being involved in all of these swaps. Since not everyone is on instagram I thought I would share here so you don’t miss out. I know there are a lot of swaps going on all the time.


My purpose for showing these mini quilts was for two reasons, to share them with you and to give you ideas for gift making. I have these three books that I love browsing through. I plan on making a few gifts from them soon. I am currently working on one already. I will show it when I am finished.

I hope you are enjoying the fall, it is a great time for sewing and stitching inside!! My instagram name is @cloverandviolet2 if you are on instagram and want to follow. It’s a great addition to blogging!!

New Project: Geofabulous by Maude Asbury for Blend {& Tool Storage}

Hello! I have a couple of things to share with you today!


We have the wonderful privilege of working with Blend fabrics again this year. We always get excited when we get that email nearing quilt market. This year we are sewing with Geofabulous by Maude Asbury. We are making a bag for them to take along to Fall Quilt Market. The bag pattern is a new pattern of ours called “Felicity“, and it is already at the pattern testers getting its final touch ups. It should be released very soon and added to our shop. I have seen a couple of finished “Felicity bags” (one is mine) and I love them! (Also, I  use my tray to carry my projects around it helps to keep them organized.)


I started by making hexagons for the front and back panels of the bag. Geofabulous is really a pretty line of fabric to work with. Nice and colorful and lots of great prints. I think it looks great in hexagons too. P.S. Blend Fabrics are so lovely to work with, it has a  very quality feeling!


The hexagons will be sewn onto the main print fabric for the outside of the bag and then will have the other fabric shown here for handles and binding. It also has a frame purse in the middle, which I can’t wait to use. I think it will be really pretty and a very useful bag to have. We will be showing more pictures as we finish it up. Maybe you want to be thinking about what you would like to use Geofabulous to make.


The last thing I wanted to show you was what I use for small tool storage. Donna had a cute little planter for hers, and I use these little buckets. I had to get them all together to show you. One for crochet hooks, that I am hoping to use soon. Another one to hold pens and pencils for marking and writing lists. And lastly, one for my rotary cutters, so they are easy to find and don’t get lost under piles of fabric.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Granny Square Quilt Is Finished

It is officially finished and I am really happy how it turned out.


It was a little bit tricky because it was (really) crooked. I did feel a little overwhelmed how to square it up. I tried the ruler and measuring method but it was just not really helping. So I used a large mat board that we had. I placed it in the corner and what ever was outside of the corner and edges I simply cut off with my ruler and rotary cutter. I just went all the way around the quilt and did all the corners and edges.  Not being able to see the quilt itself helped me not try to fiddle with it and adjust it too much. It may not be the most accurate or mathematical way to do it but it worked for me. My main desire was that it be square and if some of the border was cut off that was okay. It is a scrappy quilt with a scrappy border so it didn’t ruin its final look.

Donna from Donna’s Lavender Nest machine quilted it for me using the fluffy clouds pattern. She did a great job!!


This picture is after I finished binding it and was ready to wash it. I love the gingham binding with the backing.


Here it is after it is all washed and crinkled. It is a very scrappy quilt and I love all the fabrics I have in it. (Precise, no, fun, yes!!)


One last picture all folded up and ready to snuggle under since the weather is beginning to cool off. Now that I have this one finished I am ready to start another. (Or maybe finish one that I already have!!)

I hope you have a great week and enjoy what ever you are doing!!