A New Year

Welcome New Year, I am excited for it! It’s always interesting to see all the things that will happen throughout the year. Last year was a great year in so many ways! My family has been so encouraging to me and I appreciate them all!

One of my favorite things has been meeting so many friendly people through blogging and reading blogs, it sure makes our world seem so much smaller than it once felt. I know Jennie and I both appreciate our friends and partners and customers that make what we are doing pure joy!!


I am not a resolution maker, or rather a resolution keeper. So this year I decided I would say that I would really love to finish a few quilts that I  started. Some recent, some in the past. I thought if I showed a picture of the stack it would be motivation for me to really finish them. I also have a couple others that are not completed tops and they are included too. And I am going to add learning to crochet to the top of my list!! I have the books, crochet hooks, yarn, and great friends who have been extremely helpful in motivating me and pointing me in the right direction. With all of that, I think I am ready.

Now to getting back to the routine of sewing, cleaning and doing those every day things that are part of my life. What about you, what are the things that you look forward to this New Year?

Home again and starting a fun new project!

I had so much fun spending time with Jennie. The best part was getting reacquainted with Silas and meeting little baby Norah. They are so precious and it was pure joy. I can look back with such warm memories of time spent holding both of them. There is nothing like a new baby, she is so adorable!
The first week we shopped, got last minute things ready for the new baby, and dreamed of things we would still like to make for our shop. So many ideas and it seems like so little time. I think sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to do more, yet the important things in life like family and especially little one’s are always first in our minds and hearts.

Jennie did more sewing than I did. I really was there to hold a newborn baby and play with Silas. Both of which I did plenty of and could never get enough of. Silas is such a character and is able to communicate his wants so clearly. He learned some new words while I was there, purple, was a new one and he loves green, and school daddy and also school bus. By the time I left he was also saying NeNe Norah. Maybe it sounded a little more like No-wah, but we knew what he meant.

So on one of our shopping outings I found this book and decided I would really like to crochet again. It has been a long time but I think it would be fun to learn to crochet roses for baby hats and maybe even the hats. This book has a lot of good patterns I would like to try to make.
I just want to say thank you for reading our blog, we really enjoy reading your comments and going through this journey with you. I am so proud of my daughter Jennie she truly is a wonderful young woman.