Garden Steps Quilt Finish!!

My Garden Steps Stitch & Quilt Along!8613558015_35b6e2c2ea_zWe are having nice weather here which made a good day for taking photos outdoors. I am glad to have another quilt finished, even quilted and bound. I had help finishing this quilt. Kathy from Stitch by Stitch, quilted it for me and I love the way it turned out!! Thank you Kathy, she is great to work with and does such nice quilting!!


She used a very light aqua thread to quilt it, it is a little out of my comfort zone but I took some advice and I think it works well because of all the aqua in the front and the back.


I am very happy that I used this blue Domestic Bliss for the backing!! Isn’t the back pretty with the floral quilting in an all over pattern!



Hope you are having a great day!


New & Improved Hoop


Since my goal for January is to embroider the rest of my Garden Steps, I thought it was about time I got a new embroidery hoop. This is a Clover Embroidery Hoop and my mom has been using one just like it for a while. What she loves about it is the top part doesn’t catch the thread while stitching {this happens to me all the time on my other hoops}.


So, now I have block eight all ready to go! I’m super excited to settle in and do some stitching in the evenings…maybe I should re-watch the first two season of Downton Abbey in preparation for the 3rd {I know it’s started now, but I haven’t had a chance to watch yet, so maybe I”ll watch the others again first!}.

Garden Steps {Block 10}


It is about time I finished up this embroidery quilt!  It amazes me how some things just end up on the back burner, and then are slow to regain priority.  But, I’m down to only two blocks…so my goal is to finish stitching them this month.


This one is block ten, and I really like the way the flowers turned out. If you look back to the original post, you can see the differences between mine and my mom’s stitch choice. I think one of my favorite things about embriodery is the way different stitches can make things that are similar unique.


I finished this block up while we were out of town for Christmas, so I thought I’d also show you the little change I made to my sewing kit {see the original post here, tutorial from Lot’s of Pink Here!}. I had a problem with my little tools slipping out all the time, so I simply sewed a little flap over them. No need for a closure, it just stays closed when folded and tied.  I have loved this sewing kit, and now it is even better.

My Button
I’m linking up to Sew Bittersweet Designs’ A Lovely Year of Finishes for January, in hopes that some peer pressure might help me actually accomplish my goal!  There’s still a day left to link up too…if you haven’t had a chance.

Have you noticed that there are tons of “finish works in progress” groups out there this year?  Maybe we’re all getting too bogged down with WIPs…!

Garden Steps :: Finishing the Quilt

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This is the final post of the Garden Steps :: Stitch & Quilt Along: finishing the quilt!

I know some of you have e-mailed regarding finishing the quilt, so I apologize for the delay.  All excuses aside, sometimes life just happens to be busier than we imagine, so thank you for your continued patience!  Lesson learned, next time we have a quilt along, the embroideries will be designed and stitched before we start!

I still have a few more to finish, but here is my latest, the label:

Not everyone has loved the label, so some of you have designed your own blocks, which is amazing!  I’m so glad you feel the freedom to improvise, and I love seeing your blocks {you can get a peek in the Flickr group}.

When deciding a layout for your quilt along blocks, I encourage you to reference back to the post I wrote about layout, find it here.  For a quick refresher, when assembling the blocks there are two main layout options:

When assembling the blocks the final round of pieces were left an extra 1/4″ wide, so they measure 2″ after sewing.  Trim all blocks to 16″ square before sewing them together {this should be about 1/4″ off of each edge}.

Whether you add a sashing or not is up to you. I’m planning to add one to my quilt, mostly to make it different from my Embroidery 101 quilt {I’m also planning to free motion quilt this one, except on the embroidered squares}. Since quilt assembly is essentially the same for most quilts {and no one wants to wait until I finish my quilt, hopefully in October, for this post}, please refer to the Embroidery 101 finishing directions for more details:

If you have any questions specific to this design, please leave a comment and I’ll reply to you via e-mail and in the comments {hopefully in a timely manner!}. Also, the linky will be open for one month!  Hopefully that will give everyone a chance to show off their quilt {if you finished and posted in the Flickr group before I wrote this post, I have added your quilt!}.  Thank you so much for stitching along with us!

Don’t forget to show and tell in our Flickr Group! And, if you wrote a blog post about your quilt, we’d love to see it too! {please link to a specific post or Flickr photo}:


I hope you didn’t think this post had anything to do with actual housekeeping…I think my husband might be more qualified to write about that..hehe!

Anyway, there are a few things that need to be taken care of, so putting them all in one blog post seemed fitting {and, because we all love some eye candy, the picture is the pretty fabric my mom sent me from her trip to Maine!}.  First, some winners!  I still haven’t got the comment number thing figured out…fortunately there are still numbers over on the blogger blog, in case you’re wondering how I’ve figured it out!

The winner of the Have a Hoot pattern by Jenelle of Echinops & Aster is:

#40 :: Kay who said, “Thank you for this gorgeous giveaway, i just love owls. It took me years to master the french knot and i am still pleased with myself when they are perfect.”  Kay, I will forward your e-mail on to Jenelle for your pattern!

The winner of the my Design Challenge Bundle from our giveaway is:

#76 :: Sherry who said, “Lovely fabric and thanks for the link to the Bedside trio. Labor day makes me stop and think about my parents and grandparents who were such hard workers and for the wonderful country we live in. It is also the kick off day for fall in my mind. It is o.k. to start decorating for fall.”  Sherry, you should have an e-mail from me for your mailing info!

Next up, a few people have asked why we moved our blog {we used to blog on Blogger, now we have a self-hosted WordPress blog}.  It really came down to fees.  Yes, blogger is free, but we are paying monthly fees to two companies to host our pattern shop so that we can have instant downloads.  We are currently working on getting a new shop up and running, right here on this site, then we will only have to pay the web hosting fee, which is less than 1/3 of what we are currently paying.  We are greatly looking forward to having our shop and blog all in one place!

About the Garden Steps :: Stitch & Quilt Along.  We haven’t forgotten about it…okay, maybe I did a little bit!  I will have a more detailed post about finishing the quilt later this week, as well as a linky for your finished quilts.  We will be using the tutorials from the Embroidery 101 quilt finish.

And, before I go, I wanted to share the Margaret mini bag made by Deborah of Simply Miss Luella {you must visit her pretty blog!}:

the Margaret mini bag by Simply Miss Luella

photo from Simply Miss Luella

She added a longer strap to make it more like a purse, and it is adorable!  If you’ve made something using one of our patterns or tutorials, we’d love for you to add it to our Flickr group or send us an e-mail.  We just love seeing what you’ve made.

I think covers all the random stuff for now.  If you’ve made it through all this text, hooray.  Hope your Monday is off to a good start.  We’re working on getting back to our regular blogging too!