Felt Animal Cookies {Sewing with Children}

This contributor post is written by Susi from Lilla Luise.


Hello everyone!!!

This is Susi from Lilla Luise again :) As we were sewing some pasta for our outdoor play kitchen last month I thought we totally should have something for our sweet tooth too, right? So what about making some super easy but oh so cute felt animal cookies? Summer is still in full swing so I am sure most of you can still do a lot of outdoor playing and hopefully “play-cooking”!


To make your very own felt animal cookies you need to find some favorite animal cookie cutters (or any other shape, really, but we thought animals were the cutest choice).

We will also need scraps of felt, some beads and sequins, embroidery floss and a sewing machine.


First of all place your animal cookie cutters on your scrap of felt and trace around it – we will need one cookie shape cut out and another piece of felt that is slightly larger than the cookie shape you just cut out.  Stitch on beads and sequins – you can skip this, but it really makes them look super cute – sprinkle-style, you know?! Make sure you don’t get too close to the edge otherwise you will have a hard time to sew around the cookie (been there, done it, learned from my mistake ;)).


Once you are done with the embroidery part place your decorated cookie shape on top of the larger bit of felt and sew all the way around it with a sewing machine, pretty close to the edge.



Last thing to do is cutting carefully around it and tadaa, you are done!

Here is our selection of cookies…camels, turtles, elephants and swans.


Here is my little Miss in deep concentration, stitching on her little “sprinkles beads”.




And here she is proudly presenting her new felt animals cookies.


I hope this little tutorial is fun for you and inspires you to make your own felt animal cookies!


Stay-cation & Doll Clothes

vacation1Summer just keeps getting better! We had a family stay-cation last week and did a little exploration around our area!

vacation2We picnicked, enjoyed some time on the water, and took a lot of pictures {we haven’t been good about capturing memories lately, so hopefully things will change!}.

vacation3Josiah also helped me rearrange some furniture around the house so I have more shelf space in my sewing room! And, I did do a little bit of sewing, some doll clothes for Baby Stella {I love the near-instant gratification of doll clothes!}.

stella1This fabric is Honey, Honey by Kate Spain, Norah was so smitten with the outfit that she claimed it for her doll {even though I had made it for a friend}. Since she doesn’t often love the clothes I’ve made, I let her keep it!

stella2I also cut into some of my hoarded Bliss and Ruby stash for this outfit, I think this would be an adorable child’s outfit too, if only it didn’t use so much fabric {since I don’t have lots of it left!}.

Lately I’ve been buying larger cuts of fabric to make children’s clothes, so hopefully I won’t have this problem in the future. There seem to be so many pretty fabrics though, it is difficult to narrow it down. Do you have any favorites that would be great for kids clothes?

Little Girl Last Minute Easter Dresses {A Family Tradition}


Every Easter my mom made me and my sister dresses.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t every Easter, but, from my memory, it seems like that.  So, I know that it must be a special memory, and it’s one I want my girls to have too.  I made Norah a dress last year, and this year I decided to make both girls matching dresses.  The pattern is The Amelia Top by Mama Stallato on Etsy.


The pattern is really for a top {evidenced by the name!}, but I just added some length {and a little bit of flare to Norah’s} to make it more dress length.  I know that Easter isn’t going to be very warm, so they’ll be wearing these with leggings and shirts under them.


I was pleased with how easily this dress sewed up.  While I love dresses with sleeves…I just don’t have time for that sort of thing these days {I’ll leave it to grandma!}, and this style of dress with a yoke and tunic shape is super easy to put together.  Since it isn’t fitted, there isn’t a lot of measuring involved.


Instead of the recommended button holes, I used a piece of Velcro on the dresses.  I stitched it with matching thread {Aurifil 50 wt. color 2435 from Camille’s thread set – which is very handy to have if you sew with a lot of Bonnie &Camille fabrics} and the stitches hardly even show.


I made the 6-9 month size for Lydia and it’s a little big on her, but there will be lots of time for growing into it!


This really is a quick pattern to sew up, so, if you have the fabric already there is still time to make this before Easter!  Or save it for another special occasion.  I think I may make a couple of the top length ones for spring too, since they are so quick.

I’m excited to start some family traditions, and I hope Easter dresses will always be one of them!  Do you have any special traditions for Easter that have been passed on to you {or that you’ve started}?

A Few More Gifts

I sewed until late the night before we left for NY, to spend with Jennie and her sweet family for Christmas. I was able to finish everything I wanted to make, except my Christmas stockings. Picture to follow at the end of post.


Two potholders for Jennie, they are made with some of our favorite fabric and I hope they bring cheer to her kitchen. I used the tutorial I found HERE!


Two lined drawstring bags, the green one for Silas and the blue one for Norah. They held a couple of gifts for the bath for them. They were so fun and easy to make. I used a wonderful tutorial I found HERE. There are so many variations for making these bags, I am hoping to make a patchwork bag for me soon!


And I just had to make another pink cupcake purse for Norah, after she saw the one I made for Chloe, she wanted one right now!! She is keeping all of her baby changing and necessities in it.  I used this tutorial HERE. I did add about an inch to the width and height, also a little ruffle for the flap, because I didn’t have enough rick rack.


Now for my partially finished stockings. Here is a quick picture of the fabric and what they will sort of look like. I still need to make the patchwork for the toes. We should have them ready for next Christmas, I hope!! I am using Jennie’s tutorial HERE and can’t wait to finish them, they are really cute, I only wish we had had our three to hang with their five, adorable!!

I had a wonderful Christmas, I hope you did too! I am ready for the New Year and all of the things it will bring. Sewing, blogging and now Instagram!! I am now on instagram as Cloverandviolet2. If you would like to follow me I would love it and I will follow you too!!

Oh and I did get some new fabric for Christmas I will show later on.  I have some catching up to do on my Quilty Fun Sewing Along, I have a post coming up January 20th. Can’t wait to share my blocks!!

Have a great rest of the day. I have been picking up and putting away things that were left strewn about before we left on Tuesday. It feels good to be home and catching up on things. Starting tomorrow I will be cleaning up my sewing room, it really needs it. I have layers of fabric that really needs to be put away.