Toy Tool Belt


I made Silas a tool belt for Easter {I decided that handmade gifts were going to be what the little ones got, instead of toys or candy}.  I’ve had this Ten Little Things by Jenn Ski for Moda fat quarter for way too long, and it seemed like the perfect piece for a tool belt.


I also used some Moda Crossweave in Gray for the background {I think Moda’s new linen would work great too!}  The tool belt measures 10″ wide by 6″ tall, then I used some bias tape for the belt.  I actually think I’m going to change it out for some Moda Bella Leaf, as the bias tape was a little too narrow for the buckles.  Oh, and these center release buckles are my favorite for kids things, as my little ones can undo them on their own!


Here’s my happy little builder too! If you’re looking to make a tool belt for your little one, I found this post full of tool belt tutorials too.

Now that things have quieted down a bit, I’m hoping to get some more sewing done through the rest of the weekend, especially some bee block catching up.  Oh, and I’ve posted a little giveaway on Instagram, if you’re a follower over there, feel free to enter.  If you don’t Instagram, don’t worry, there will be a new blog giveaway soon!

Little Placemats and a …

PlacematsJanuary sure has arrived in a hurry around here!  We had a lovely break that actually involved some sewing too.  I got a used little table for Silas and Norah to use with their new play kitchen, so it seemed perfect to make them a couple place mats.

placemats-on-tableI used the economy block that everyone is making on Instagram for the #economyblockalong.  Then, I added some sides to make them not as square {and, in case you’re wondering, their aqua kitchen can be found here!}

Placemats-backInstead of batting, I used some Shannon Terry Cloth on the back to make it absorbent and that way I didn’t need to put any backing fabric either.

Placemats-frontThe little ones are pretty excited to wake up and have their breakfast on such fun place mats, they sure brighten up the little table.

And, in other, unrelated, news, I’ve given our blog a little bit of an update!  Hopefully everything will work smoothly.  Now, instead of the blog being the home page, we have a static page that will link to our blog, shop, etc.  To check it out, just click on the header or the menu item “home”.  Hopefully this will not affect our feed, and we still plan to keep on blogging.  So, if you type into your browser bar, you will go to the home page, you can then navigate to the blog using the menu.  The link to go directly to the blog home is  We hope this doesn’t create any confusion!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Oh, and stay tuned for a big announcement tomorrow!

PB&J Patchwork …


I made a couple handmade gifts this year, a first in a while!  I have had a couple charm packs of PB&J by Basic Gray for Moda that I’ve been wanting to use.  But, as pretty as the fabrics are, I found they don’t match much else in my stash!  So, zipper pouches are the way to go, I think!


I had some solid yellow in my stash, that seemed to match pretty well, so I used it for lining, and some bright zippers.


Each pouch consisted of 10 charm squares, cut in half, and a 1 3/4″ gusset.  Hopefully a good travel size for makeup or the like!


I used fusible fleece on the inside, so they are sturdy and stand up on their own!


And, since we’ve had some snow, I thought I’d show you some adorable kids out playing {I may be a tiny bit partial!}.

Snow-1Hope you’re having a great weekend!  Merry Christmas!

Handmade Gifts

This cupcake fabric has been in my stash for a long time and I have finally decided what to make with it. A little doll diaper bag and quilt set.


I used Jennie’s tutorial for Benartex that she did a couple of weeks ago and made a few changes, just a few. I added a little binding on the top of the bag body and did not add the gathers on the flap, I thought the cupcakes were so cute.  I did add the rick rack and really like it.


This is the baby doll diaper bag and quilt together. I had some cute pink fabric that I paired with the cupcake fabric and used it for lining, binding, handles and on the front/back of the quilt. I have to hurry and get these in the mail so that they arrive in time for Christmas.


I also made a zipper pouch for the first time. I was so pleased at how easy it was. I still need a lot of practice to get those little tabs on the ends for the zipper to look neater. I will be making more of these little bags in the future. It is also a gift.

Zip pouch2

Along with a few extras that will come in handy for someone who loves to knit.


This is really the best thing ever, seam tape, we use it to hold the zippers in place while sewing. I really liked the way it held it just where I wanted it. Also, if you cut it in half length-wise it will not show after the zipper is sewn in. Plus, it makes it go a lot further that way. I forgot and didn’t so I had to tear it away, it did tear but would have been so much better if I had remembered to cut it first.

I am having so much fun sewing my last-minute gifts!! Just a few more things to check off my list and then I will be ready to do some holiday baking. What about you, what are you making in these last few days we have until Christmas? I would love to hear about them.

Hope you are having a great week!!

Little Kid’s Train …


My mom made this cute train carrier for his Thomas the Trains.  Since he likes to take them with him when we go out, it is a great place to keep them organized.


It holds eight trains in individual pockets.


Here you can see them all tucked inside.  I think Silas likes taking them out as much as he likes using it {though, he always wants me to put them in!}.


It has two of our favorite type of closure, invisible magnets, to keep it together and so little hands can easily pull it apart!  My mom also made and  stitched this silhouette of Gordon on the front, one of Silas’s favorite engines.


This is how we spend most of our evenings, and now Silas can take his trains along with him when we’re not at home too!