Last Bee Blocks {Union Jack}

Good Morning! It’s Friday and the start of a nice long weekend. I did not accomplish very much sewing this week, not really feeling very well. But, I am so glad to be back to normal now.

A couple of things that I made are these two “Union Jack” blocks. They are for the lovely Rhonda of quilter in the gap for the Modern Stitching Bee. By the way they are very late!


This is the first one and was very much a trial for me. I really dreaded making it. But once I decided I had to make it or tell Rhonda I had chickened out and couldn’t, I decided to really just give it the best shot I could. I also got a lot of encouragement from my daughter, Jennie, Rhonda and lot of lovelies on instagram. And just like many others said, it really wasn’t that hard. Hehe, so easy to say now that they are finished.

After I made this one I did think it could have used a different color in it and maybe it would have been a little more interesting. But saying that, I really do love these two blue fabrics. Rhonda also gave me her approval, so that is really all that matters, since it is for her.


Next was to make a second one. I really like Pam Kitty Morning fabrics and thought this would be a good combo. I am super pleased with it. Kind of like Valentine colors, I do love them. It did get easier after the first one, it’s because I used a great tutorial that Molli Sparkles has on his blog. It is really a super tutorial and that is why I added the link. I am sure I could not have done it without it. If you have ever considered making one just use his tutorial, it’s the best. I am now dreaming of a quilt with these blocks, it would be so lovely!!


Here are the two blocks side by side, totally different but the same.

The Modern Stitching Bee is no longer running. I only belonged to it for one year and really enjoyed it. A little sad it is over though.

I hope you have a great Friday and a super weekend.

The Bee Hive – Blossom Heart Quilts

the-bee-hive-smallHappy 2015 all! I love that the new year brings all sorts of new beginnings. Today I’m happy to share with you a new series by Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts that I’m thrilled to be part of: The Bee Hive. I’ve shamelessly stolen Alyce’s post to tell you a bit more about it:

The Bee Hive – a new year-long series of quilt block tutorials that are perfect for quilting bees. Why, you ask? Because when each block is used in repeat, it creates an interesting secondary design! Let me show you an example…

Tic Tac Toe block

Next week, we’ll kick off with the Tic Tac Toe block. Looks alright on it’s own, yes? But what happens when you make more of them…

Tic Tac Toe quilt

You create an interesting quilt design! One that, at first glance, you can’t quite tell what is the foundation building block. This is why all these blocks are perfect for using in a quilting bee – 12+ blocks of each design will create a fun and interesting quilt for you as-is!

Want to know more? Visit Blossom Heart Quilts for the full schedule and check in twice a month for new blocks! And, if you’re interested in joining a Bee Hive quilt bee, Alyce and Angie are in teh process of setting some up!

Quilt bees are a great way to make new quilty friends {or get to know some better!}, have you participated before? If not, what keeps you from signing up?

Simple Scrappy Sampler {Week 5}

Shoo-FlyI’ve been absent from my sampler quilt for too long {see the rest of the posts here!}, but I’m determined not to let this one slip by the wayside. So, I’ve made up two more blocks in hopes of getting back in the swing of things. I am still dreaming of having this quilt on my bed someday, so I chose two easy blocks {they’re essentially the same, just the half-square-triangles are rearranged!} for my first week back. Here they are:

Friendship-StarI’m honestly still undecided if I’m going to use the navy. There are so many navy prints that I love though, so I decided to try it with a couple blocks and see how I feel about it. For now this one stands out a lot! I had also intended the star to be the lighter aqua, but accidentally cut the pieces backwards, and now I’m glad I did!

Block 9 and 10Here’s the cutting layout for the blocks. Alternately, PDF version can be downloaded here. This time my notes on block construction is easy, for both blocks I cut my larger squares to 3 3/4″ and then sewed and trimmed them to 3 1/8″. I’ve heard that there’s a ruler that will trim the blocks before pressing…I need to check into this!

Ten-BlocksAnd here’s the 10 I have so far. See, the navy really stands out…but I’m hoping if I add some more, it will be okay, thoughts? If you hate it…please tell me! I’d rather remake this one than have to remake a bunch!

As usual, if you’re sewing along, please share in the Flickr group or on Instagram with the tag #simplescrappysamplerqal. I’m already looking forward to next week’s blocks!

Bee Block Catch Up from June

Bee-Block-2I think I’m having one of those days weeks months summers where I bit off more than I can chew. Not to complain too much, but I feel like life has sort of snowballed on top of me and I’m digging my way out with a teaspoon! So, in the midst of having three crazy kids, I’m slowly working on getting unburied from projects that are long overdue. These bee blocks are one example!

Bee-Block-1They were the June block from the Modern Stitching Bee and I just finished them and sent them out a couple weeks ago. While they’re very pretty, they took a lot of time, so I’m glad to have them finally on their way. Hopefully I can find some time to finish the rest of my behind blocks soon. I’m doing my very best to avoid joining anything else until all my swapping, bee, and pattern writing commitments come to a close, with all the swaps out there, that is a hard thing to stick to!

In the meantime, we have some new patterns underway, which always takes longer than I think it will, but I hope they’re worth the wait! Thanks for sticking with us, even though we haven’t had much to show. I do have a couple kids waiting on some Banana Ice Cream, so I should probably head that way!

Simple Scrappy Sampler {Week 4}

Sampler-7This week I made one really simple block and one that is slightly more complex {for me at least!}. So, first up is the Two by Two block. I chose some of my favorite Bliss prints and made this one without the dots, I love how bright it is!

Sampler-8For my second block, I made the Rolling Stone. Don’t look too close because my points don’t quite line up {should I remake this?!}.  I think part of the issue was that I have told EQ7 to adjust cutting to 1/8″ instead of 1/16″, which leaves the blocks slightly less accurate. For now I can live with it because from a distance I can’t tell too much. I want this quilt to be fun and stress-free, and I never claimed to be perfect!

Simple Scrappy Sampler 7-8

Here’s the cutting layout for the blocks. Alternately, PDF version can be downloaded here. A few of you noted last week that the PDFs had strange squares all over them, I think that issue is resolved and all the PDF files are updated! Here are a couple notes on the blocks:

Two by Tow: I just cut 2 9″ x 2 1/2″ strips of the blue and one each of red and pink. I sewed the strips together in sets of two and then cut into 4 1/2″ squares. This was the quickest block yet!

Rolling Stone: I followed all the cutting precisely, but when I sewed my rectangle units together they needed to be trimmed. I miss measured and the green was ever so slightly larger than the blue, this made some of my points not line up. So, if you trim, trim very carefully!

sampler-8-blocksAnd here are all eight blocks together! My mini design wall is running out of space already, I may have to find a space to make a really large one, because seeing all the blocks together really helps me in choosing fabrics!

As usual, if you’re sewing along, please share in the Flickr group or on Instagram with the tag #simplescrappysamplerqal. I’m already looking forward to next week’s blocks!