The Bella Quilt and Story …


I made this quilt for my friend and neighbor Brittany, whose family moved to New York from Monterey at the same time we.  We ended up living across the street from one another, which seemed perfect as we both had small children and we were both pregnant.  We spent the summer going to the park together with our children, passing each other when coming and going almost daily, and, of course, talking about baby things.  It seemed like everything was perfect.


After Lydia was born, my excitement turned toward Brittany having her baby.  We didn’t see each other as often, as the weather turned colder and I was busy with a newborn, but we still chatted a few times a week and by text and Facebook.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  At 41 weeks, the baby died.  Brittany was scheduled to be induced on Sunday, but text me on Saturday night saying that she hadn’t been feeling well, so she went to the hospital and the baby didn’t have a heartbeat.


When I saw the text Sunday afternoon {my parents had been visiting, so I’d lost track of my phone} I was in shock.  I thought it was going to say that baby had arrived before her induction, but instead it contained the news that this loved and waited for baby would never be coming home.


Brittany and her husband, Greg, named their precious girl Bella, the nickname their daughter, Caroline, had always called the baby before she was born.  Even though that wasn’t intended to be her name, they felt it was the right thing to call her.  In spite of doing everything right for Bella, something had gone terribly wrong.  Yet, there is still no known cause of Bella’s death.


This little pillow, which accompanied the quilt, was made for Caroline, who, at 5-years-old, has also suffered the loss of her baby sister.


As Brittany has shared her story through Facebook and her blog, I have been touched by her heartache and strength since the loss of Bella.  One of her goals is to help raise awareness at how common pregnancy loss really is, of which I really had no idea, and support research toward prevention.


It is difficult for me to write this post because I feel that nothing I say will really do their story justice. I cannot even begin to imagine what they must be going through.  I hope this quilt and pillow brings their family some comfort, even if it is just in the knowledge that their precious Bella Joy will always be remembered and loved.

While I was making this quilt, I searched for an organization that donates quilts to families who have lost their babies before birth, but couldn’t find anything.  If you have any information on this, I would be very interested in getting involved in some way.

This quilt was made with Bella by Lotta Jansdotter using my Take-Along quilt tutorial.  It was quilted by Cindy of Tops to Treasures.

Bella Quilt Top


Do you know the feeling, when you put something off and put it off, debating back and forth what and how you want to do it? Or is it just me?  Well, anyway, that is the story of this quilt.  I don’t often make quilts, and when I do, they’re usually for my children, but this one is for a friend who is going through a rough time.  I honestly haven’t known her that long, so I am hoping she’ll like it.


The fabric is Bella by Lotta Jansdotter.  I’ve been a fan of Lotta’s art since my college days, when I was a stationery hoarder collector instead of a fabric collector.  Since the fabric is such large, bold prints, it seemed like a perfect chance to remake my Take-Along Quilt, and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.


This quilt came together fast, I got the top pieced in about a week, which is lightening speed considering Silas’s twin bed quilt took over a year…  I finished this quilt last Friday and shipped it off to the quilter promptly, it was a rainy day, so I couldn’t get enough light to get the whole quilt.  But, when I get it back and bound, you’ll be seeing it again!

Have you ever gifted a quilt to an adult? I feel like babies and children’s are easy to choose fabric for, but that it’s much harder to choose for a friend.

Spin Cycle Quilt {Quilted …

Today, a finished quilt.


Here is my quilt top that was pieced by Trish. The pattern is Spin Cycle. I think this quilt has perfect spring colors!


Now after it has been quilted by Donna at Donna’s Lavender Nest, pre washed. Love the flowers she quilted on it.


One more picture before it was washed and bound.


Here it is all finished. I pieced the back before sending it off to be quilted. Cute little flowers. Love the crinkly goodness that you get after washing.


And a picture of the whole quilt. I am very pleased with it from start to finish. Donna did a beautiful job quilting it. I love it.  And all I did was provide the materials.

Maybe you have a quilt you would like to have professionally quilted by Donna, you can find her blog and shop here.

The only thing I might do differently before having a quilt professionally quilted again is to leave an extra 1/4″ on the last border for squaring up.

Hope you will check out Donna’s blog and shop, she also has a fabric shop too. She is very friendly and a pleasure to know and do business with also!!

Have a good weekend!

Happy Happy Mail!! {Log …

I was away on a trip to Florida for a few days and when I returned home, this is what I saw!! Several quilt blocks from the Sew Sweet Bee that I belong to had arrived!!


So much cuteness in one place made me so happy!! Love all the washi tape on the packages too!!


A lovely package from Renee, her blog is Sewn With Grace! She totally made a gorgeous block and also sent me an adorable little pack of Moda Candy with a very kind note!! Thank you Renee!!


I love the block that Amy from A Quilting Sheep made for me. The blues are from Bonnie and Camille, some of my most favorite fabric! Thank you Amy, I love it!!



Heather at Vintage Grey sent a sweet package that is both pretty on the inside and outside! Thank you so much Heather for my beautiful quilt block and many little extra lovelies!! Love, love, love!!


Missy from Missy’s Homemaking Adventures sent this very pretty log cabin block for me!! Thank you so much Missy!!



Pam from Pam Kitty Morning sent me this adorable quilt block (lots of pretty PKM fabric) in such a cute package and some very cute notecards!! Thank you Pam, it is so so pretty!

If you have never visited these blogs before I think you would really enjoy them!! Go and check them out and see for yourself!!


Also, this package came while I was gone, it is from my sweet Jennie! She gave me the beautiful wallet that she made. I love it and all of the fun goodies she sent me for my day planner. Look at those cute cupcake book markers!! The little green peas are salt and pepper shakers and they are so cute and now they are mine. Thank you so much Jennie, I love everything!!


Here are all the blocks I have received and five additional blocks that I made to add to the quilt. I really love these blocks so I wanted my quilt to be a little larger. I will adjust the layout when I have all the blocks. Everyone made the most beautiful fabric choices for my quilt blocks. It will be a most cherished quilt ever!! Not only are the ladies that sewed these blocks talented, they are very sweet!!

Glad you visited today, hope you have a great day!!

p.s. This is not the only cute mail I received while I was away. I will be back in a day or so to show you, there is a surprise for someone!!

Happy Valentine’s …

Happy Valentine’s Day!


This little mini heart is all finished and ready to be hung in its new home.  I wanted the binding to blend in with the background of the quilt and I think it does! You can see a little bit of sun streaming into the room, nice and bright today!


A single picture of this little quilt that I have not stitched on in forever. I am asking for thoughts, should I continue the hand stitching or give it up and use the machine to do the quilting? I am on the fence if I like the way it is turning out or not. It’s my first attempt and well I don’t know!! What do you think, what would you do??


A fun trip to Target and I had chocolate and cute washi {red and pink chevron and pink cupcake sprinkles} tape, and red finger nail polish in my cart. It felt great to get out and I am glad I went when I did because that evening the snow came and piled up everywhere.


Here is a picture of my son doing some snow shoveling. Yesterday we had a neighborhood helper clear our driveway and then when the snow plow came past it was piled up in front of our driveway so we were blocked in (our driveway is very long). This is the first real snow we have had this year so I am not complaining at all. It is pretty to look at for sure. Since we had freezing rain the top of it is frozen hard. Wonder how long it will be around?

Enjoy your day!