Pattern Corrections

Here you will find any information we have on recent pattern updates. While we do our best to assure our patterns are free of error, and utilize pattern testers, sometimes things still slip through the cracks. We will post any corrections here. Thank you for understanding!

the Louisa bag

Printed version sold with the Anna Griffin Flur Rouge Kits

The plastic canvas referenced is used to reinforce the bottom of the bag.  It should be cut to the size of the bottom of the bag and then tacked in between the body and the lining.  We like to use two layers and tack them down in all four corners.

If you’re unfamiliar with plastic canvas, it is a plastic grid sheet often used for needlepoint and can be found at most craft stores.  Another option would be to use special material designed for the bottom of bags.  We prefer plastic canvas because it is affordable, easy to find, and easy to use.

the Anne handbag

Printed version with RJR Fabrics Cold Spring Dreams fabric on cover

From Cutting Directions: The small print fabric cutting directions above the clutch picture should be cut from Interfacing.

If using interfacing that is 20″ wide you will need 1 yard, not 2/3 yard.

The pdf versions of these patterns are correct, as far as we know