Blend Fabrics Bags for Quilt Market


It seems like I was just frantically preparing for Fall Quilt Market and Lydia’s birth…and suddenly Spring Quilt Market is almost here!  I am not sure why the months are racing by me so fast {though, I suspect three little ones might have something to do with it!}.

Anyway, here are the bags we’re sending to Quilt Market with Blend Fabrics.  The two clutches were made by me, and the two large bags were beautifully stitched by Sandie of crazy’boutquilts. So, here are the bags {above you see the front of the Emma clutch out of Maisie by Maude Asbury}:


The back of the Emma clutch :: Maisie by Maude Asbury


the Caitlin pouch :: Topiary by Amanda Murphy


the Stella diaper bag :: Blown Away by Josephine Kimberling {sewn by Sandie of crazy’boutquilts}


the Madeline bag :: Clementine by Ana Davis {sewn by Sandie of crazy’boutquilts}


And, one last, super exciting note: if all goes as planned, I’ll be there too! It is hard to express through typing, but I am so excited!

If you’re going, I’d love to meet you!  And if not, I plan to bring back lots of pictures, anything you specifically hope to see?

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  1. says

    The bags are so lovely, you and Sandie did a beautiful job!! I am excited to be at Quilt Market in a fun way!! I will be enjoying my Silas, Norah and Lydia!!!!!! I know you will take great pictures and tell me all about it!!

  2. says

    Your bags are gorgeous, so colourful ! You guys really have an amazing choice of fabric in the USA ! My sister is a big baby quilter and she is always raving about fabric from the US !

  3. says

    Such gorgeous bags! And congratulations on your future adventure at Quilt Market! You must be very excited! And you know they say that time goes faster the older you get! Not sure who ‘they’ is though!
    Suz recently posted..Watching the news…My Profile

  4. Tamie says

    Jennie, I am thrilled you are going to the Spring Quilt Market! I know it is going to be an amazing time. The new bags will be well received ~ they are beautiful! Love you, XOXO

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