Ruby (again!)

…I can’t seem to get enough Ruby…I know, there are other {beautiful} fabric lines out there…but sometimes a girl just gets stuck on one line for a while, and for me it’s been Ruby {maybe it has something to do with having a little girl and using it to make things for her}.  So, this yardage found its way to my fabric shelf…and so has this sewing kit…


I know, I’m a little spoiled.  But my mom made me this darling sewing kit using Amy’s tutorial {find it at her blog: here!}.  Isn’t it cute?  Of course, I’ve already filled it with little necessities.


Doesn’t it look like it’s just itching to be part of an embroidery project?  I have another one of those to show you very soon too…and yes, I used Ruby, but I think you’ll love it!

Do you have a fabric line, color combination, or something else that has been dominating all your projects lately?

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    So cute! At the moment I’m jealously hoarding all my Tula Pink Prince Charming whilst I work out the best pattern to show it all off – the idea I’m trying to work through won’t use anywhere near all of it, so I should have loads of wee projects to work through with it afterwards :o)

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    I’m obsessed with Echo by Lotta Jansdotten and Outfoxed by Lizzy House.
    Both are on my wish list and I hope I’ll have some for christmas !

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    I love Ruby, although I haven’t purchased any yet– and your sewing kit from our Mom is soooo sweet!! Lately, I’m finding that I’m making a lot of things from Aneela Hooey’s Sherbet Pip’s and Little Apples– i may be a little behind the times, but at least I can buy it at a reduced price!

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    Eeekkkk! Your kit is awesome! Your mom did a really nice job. Ruby is still one of my favorites too! Thanks for the link!!