Birthday Dress

I love birthdays, so when it comes to my babies’ birthdays, they’re even more special {you can see Silas’s castle party round up here!}.  So, while Norah’s party might be a little more low key {read: my mom and dad aren’t here to help me get everything together}, I had to make some special birthday things.  So, first up is her birthday dress {I used the Abigail Peasant Pattern by Pink Poodle Bows again, but lengthened the dress and ruffle a little}.

And of course, Dolly’s dress matches.  I decided to leave her without a skirt, because I didn’t want to cut across the flowers.  I kind of wished the hair wouldn’t have been so dark, but that was the only color of felt I could find locally {it’s dark brown, not black!}, but I think perhaps I’ll order some wool felt and make another soon.

Now it’s all ready to be washed and worn on the big day, but I had to have her try it on and snap a few photos too!

I’m really looking forward to the special birthday.

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  1. Judi says

    Aaaarh! This is ADORABLE! Love the little dolly that goes with the outfit!


    Not quite sure how I ended up in this font????????? Hope you can read it OK.

  2. RobynAnn says

    What a dear little dress just the design i have been looking for. I am sure the secret is in little person who isthe model !!! And also the fabric. I am brand new to your site and i am inspired to get on with my mini projects.
    Robyn@ Normanhurst , NSW Australia

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