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Hello everyone!

This is Susi from Lillaluise again :) I hope you are all having a fantastic summer so far! We sure do. We spend most of the time outside and whenever we are outside and I need to go back in to prepar food I wish I had an outdoor summer kitchen. Have you ever heard of them? I think they are awesome. So one of my big dreams is to have one…one day :) So as I cant have an outdoor kitchen any time soon my girl does have one and she is madly cooking away felt food, her favorite at the moment is past…in any shape and size. So I thought it might be fun to show you how you can easily make your own felt pasta tricolore for your little ones outdoor summer kitchen!


It really doesn’t require much, we just need some scraps of wool felt, thread and a needle. With a pair of zig-zag scissors cut out squares of felt that are about 2 inches in size. Use three different felt colors – we did green, red and yellow – to make it “tricolore” (three colors).


Fold your felt squares as shown in the photo and run a few stitches with matching thread through all layers of felt to secure it. When doing my first stitch I like to secure my thread by simply going through my starting loop and pulling but you can totally just tie a knot to prevent the thread from slipping through!







See, easy peasy and super quick! Have fun with the new dish in your outdoor play kitchen!


Simple Scrappy Sampler {Week 2}

TurstyleWelcome to week two! I’m really excited about this quilt because I’m using all my favorite fabrics, so I know I’m really going to love this quilt! Oh, and we started a Flickr group too, for those of you who prefer Flickr to Instagram, you can find it here. Block three uses one of my favorite prints from Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille for Moda.

Economy-PatchBlock four is the Economy Patch, and I decided not to use the La Creme dots on this one. Since I didn’t really plan on using them in every block, I thought it was a good time to throw in some blocks without the dots.

Simple Scrappy Sampler 3-4Here’s the cutting layout for the blocks. Alternately, PDF version can be downloaded here. Here are a couple notes on the blocks:

Turnstyle: I cut the blocks at 5″ and 5 1/4″, respectively. Then I trimmed each quarter of the block to 4 1/2″ before sewing. This seemed easier than cutting anything with 3/16ths of an inch!

Economy Patch: I started with a 4 1/2″ center square and over sized the triangle corners. The first set of corners trims down to a 6 1/8″ square, then the second set to 8 1/2″. I’d much rather trim a little off than have my block too small.

Week-2-blocksAnd here are all four blocks together. I’m excited to start the next two. If you’re sewing along, we’d love to see your blocks either in the Flickr group or be sure to tag it #simplescrappysamplerqal on Instagram.

Spiderweb Quilt Top {almost complete}

Summertime, and I am loving it even though I am not a huge fan of really hot, humid days. But, I am loving the sun. Since I am originally from WA state, where we do not see the sun a lot, I try to enjoy it as much as possible.

I have four new blocks to share from the Modern Stitching Bee group and an almost complete top.

First two are from Leanne. They took a little scenic tour getting to my house but I am so glad they made it safe and beautifully.


We made two 12 1/2″ blocks for each partner.


Love them! Thank you Leanne from She Can Quilt. (Love the Briar Rose strawberries).

The next two are from Rhonda at Quilter In the Gap. Love them so much!!



It has been fun seeing all the variety of fabric that make up each of these blocks. These are the perfect block design to use because they include a large variety of prints. Thank you again Rhonda, I love them, (especially all the low volume)!! Be sure to check out their blogs, they have great inspiration on there.


This is not a great picture, but I wanted to share a little bit of what all of my blocks will look like put together for my finished quilt. I think they go perfectly together. I am so thankful for such kind and generous women who have made all of these blocks for me, I know it will turn into a beautiful quilt that I will treasure!


Since it is summer, I thought I would share this cute little hummingbird that I saw out of my kitchen window this morning. I put that feeder up about a month ago. It hasn’t seen very many birds because there is still a lot of syrup in it. I just happened to see a little bird there on the weekend, so now I check regularly. Happy days!!

I hope you are enjoying your summer. I sure am, lots of grilling, watermelon, cherries and corn on the cob. I come from a family of corn on the cob lovers. It was very pleasant yesterday, my son and I went for a walk and then sat on the back deck enjoying the fresh air. What have you been doing this summer?

Today will be for some more catch up sewing, I am so excited about my little visitors I have coming soon. I have lots to do to get ready for them!!

Have a great day and weekend!



Organizing Drawer Space

This contributor post is written by Donna of donnaslavenderest

Hello sweet people.  I am so happy to be back here at Clover and Violet.

 Today I am going to show you how to make a drawer tray out of what you have.

draw 1

You will need some card board or something sturdy enough to hold up and a ruler.

draw 2

You will want to measure your drawer so you will know how long to cut your card board.

draw 3

Then cut you card board the length you need.

Next measure the width in case you need to cut it down to fit the inside of your drawer.


Then measure across your drawer and cut  pieces of card board width of your drawer and the height.

Next you are going to need to cut some slots half way through both the top and bottom pieces.  There are lines to so you can see where to cut.

draw 5

This is what the slots should look like.

draw 6

This is how it will fit together.  You can make as many as many cubbies as you need for your draw.

To make it look pretty you can paint it, use scrapbook paper to Mod Podge etc.


This is the end result.  I put a light coat of lavender paint on mine.

Thank you so much Jennie and Clara for having me over, it is a real treat.

Hope y’all are having a great week.



Sewvivor – Clover & Violet – Jennie P.


Happy Tuesday! I’m blogging today because I’ve decided to enter the Sewvivor competition at Family Ever After!

This time around the contest is Quilter’s Edition, which really seemed perfect to me since {nearly} everything I make is quilted. Since the audition entry can be a previously made project, I decided to submit my Caitlin pouch pattern. It is both made of patchwork and quilted, and I love the idea of having and using quilted items all the time!


I had a lot of fun pairing bright solid with the low volume prints in this pouch. Since I am not super adventurous with the accessories I carry, I feel like this creates a bold look without being loud or obnoxious!


The fabrics are Road 15 by Sweetwater and Moda Bella Aqua and this pouch has a fun recessed zipper and removable handle, so it would be great in your sewing room or out and about!


So, fingers crossed that I get picked for the competition, I really love this sort of stuff! And, if you’re interested in entering, you can find all the details here.