the Louisa bag {Pattern Refresh & Sale}

I have been busy making a new Louisa bag and now that it is finished I am happy to say, I love it.  It is ready to be used now.


This is my version in all Bonnie and Camille fabrics except for the solid. I used the blue as you can see and am happy with how it turned out.

In all of my pictures I have not drawn up the sides so that it has a little more of a square look.

Louisa-remake4My variation on my bag was to make the rounded corner at the bottom just a bit rounder, I wanted to see if I liked it, I think I do!!


Since different fabrics can make a patchwork bag look so unique, we also had some Instagram friends make up versions of the Louisa bag, so that you can see some of the options. To view all the bags, check the hashtag #louisabag, and here are some of their finishes {there are a few more too, if you check the hashtag link you should be able to see them all!}:

Louisa Bag - ShawnaShawna Haynes made this Louisa bag using Doe by Carolyn Friedlander and Essex Linen, you can read her blog post here, and find her on Instagram here.

Louisa-bag---SusanSusan {The Felted Pear} made this one and skipped the patchwork to show off this beautiful print from Amy Butler’s Violette.

Louisa-bag-SaraSara {Sara.oe} removed one row of patchwork and replaced it with some adorable hexagons that really add a sweet touch, and of course, we love the Miss Kate by Bonnie & Camille fabric.

louisa-bag-vickiVicki {vpquilter} used squares instead of tiles, which gives this bag another unique look. The way she alternated the fabrics in the center really give it a focal point.

louisa-bag-cassidyCassidy {crbeeman} made her bag using a variety of Cotton + Steel prints, and utilized the selvage for the binding, which is a fabulous detail {she also said this is her first bag…I never would have guessed!}.

Louisa-bag-eileenEileen {sew_eileen} made her version with Priory Square and Cotton + Steel, she also used a linen for the sides, handles and binding and they give such a finished look.

louisa-bag-kayseKayse {quiltykayse} used these pretty Joel Dewberry prints to make her Louisa bag, which has larger rectangles than many of our patterns, perfect for showing off larger prints.

Thank you all so much for sewing these gorgeous bags!

We hope this inspires you to get a pattern and make the Louisa bag for yourself or as a gift, spring is just right around the corner and they are the perfect size to use as a handbag, tote, or a diaper bag. And, if you’d like to make one up too, we’ve put the PDF pattern on a $5 special for the rest of the week, you can find it here.

Have a great day!!

Simple Scrappy Sampler {Week 8}

Postage-Stamp-1Thanks to those who provided feedback on the Simple Scrappy Sampler Quilt blocks last week. I had no idea any more of you were sewing along, because it usually just feels like I’m sending these projects out into the internet void. I have always tried not to worry too much if no one commented on a post, but, in all seriousness, there is no way for me to gauge participation in something like this without feedback. When I look at the page views, all I see is that people looked at the blocks, and that is not enough for me to keep creating these tutorials. But, since a few more of you did say you’re making them, I’ll extend my tutorials out a couple more weeks as a trial. If I see more blocks {if you don’t blog or Instagram, e-mail me!} I’ll keep it going.

And, I worked with some April Showers this week, but I didn’t have big enough pieces to make any specific block pattern, so I decided to do a Postage Stamp block using a bunch of different prints.

New-Album-II-1The next block is the New Album II. I really wanted to showcase this pretty red print, and this one seemed like a great option. I love how it is a variation on the Uneven Nine Patch from two weeks ago, but looks so very different.

Block-15-and-16Here’s the cutting layout for the blocks. Alternately, PDF version can be downloaded here. Here are a couple notes on the blocks:

Postage Stamp: Press a lot to keep those squares perfect, a couple of mine got a little wonky…

New Album II: I cut the 2 7/8″ squares to 3 1/8″. That way I could trim the center square to exactly 4 1/2″, with all the points in the right place. I was pretty pleased that the points turned out on the first try!


Here are this week’s and last week’s blocks together. As I mentioned last week, I’m not going to photograph all the blocks together each time, so they don’t get handled too much and fray or anything! Though, my mini design wall is full with 16 blocks, so I’m going to try to get one good photo of all 16 and then put them away and start fresh.

As usual, if you’re sewing along, please share in the Flickr group or on Instagram with the tag #simplescrappysamplerqal. I’m planning to give a couple more weeks worth of tutorials, if interest continues to increase!

Bags for Quilters :: What Makes Us Unique

CandVbuttonMy mom announced last week that we’re starting a series called Bags for Quilters. As we have been talking about our blog and our shop over the last few months, we really feel the need to focus our blogging more toward making bags, since our bag pattern shop is what keeps us in business and able to blog, have giveaways, and provide tutorials! So, today, I wanted to tell you a little bit about what makes our bag patterns unique from some of the others available.

Lucy-HoboOur bags are designed with quilters in mind. Instead of pattern pieces {with the exception of the Penelope purse, which does have two simple pattern pieces}, our bags contain cutting directions for rotary cut squares and rectangles, and then some also contain a simple template for rounding corners. The directions include the exact cutting and sewing for the patchwork, so that there isn’t any guesswork involved.

anne-handbagIn addition to patchwork, all of our bags are quilted, so this allows them to be fully washable too. Since our bags are constructed like a 3D quilt, they will keep their shape and integrity through use and washing {and as a mom of three small children, all of my bags have been washed several times}.

Fullscreen capture 2272015 73038 AM.bmpOur patterns also contain step by step instructions and photos, condensed into as few pages as possible for easy printing and reading. Here’s a picture from our free pattern, the Pepper tote, which is created just like our other PDF patterns {and is a great place to start, if you’re considering trying a bag for the first time}.

Felicity-bag-4Finally, our bags are finished with a binding at the top. This eliminates any turning, because the raw edges are finished under the binding. It also gives a unique look to the bag and provides extra detail.

As we prepare the rest of our series, we’d love to know what you’d like to learn more about, any specific requests?

Louisa Bag: WIP

Hello! I am giving you a preview of my Louisa bag and the progress I have made so far. (If you would like to purchase this pattern or any of our other patterns, visit our shop here.)  I hope you have had a great start to the week!!

Bag-Making-SuppliesThese are the tools that I use when I am making a bag. I just got the tailors pressing ham yesterday and have found that I love it! I looked it up and found there is a tutorial for making your own if you don’t want to purchase one. Google tailors pressing ham and I am sure you will find one or more on the internet.  It only costed about $15.00, which is not that much considering there are many other times I wish I had  one.  What I had been using was the rounded end of my ironing board and it did a fairly good job, but I think I am going to love this extra tool!!

I use a 24″ ruler, nice and long for cutting those longer lengths of fabric, interfacing and flannel. Rotary cutter, a cloth tape measure, (nice for measuring around the bag for adding the gusset and such). Then scissors, seam ripper, and a pincushion for all the pins I use in construction. The pins with the yellow heads are sturdier for those thicker layers. I find the thinner pins bend too easily, so I will save them for quilting and sewing. Of course not shown are my sewing machine and iron! Couldn’t do it with out them!!

Louisa-front-and-back-2These are the two panels I started with, I showed them last week but thought it would be okay to see it from the start again.

Louisa-panels-with-blueThis is the fabric I chose for the gusset, handles, binding, ties and maybe the lining.

Louisa-bag-body-patchwork-1 This is after the gusset and ties are sewn on, it’s looking like a bag now.

Louisa-bag-inside-2  An inside view. We will be sharing the reason we use flannel for our bags and the type of interfacing we love. Just waiting for some supplies so we can go into more detail.

Louisa-bag-with-handlesLastly I have body of my bag and the interfaced handles sewn and just need to be finished up. I am excited about this bag because I love the size of it and the fabric, yes some of my favorites.

Just a quick view of how my Louisa bag is coming along. There is a Louisa Bag tour on instagram. If you would like to see lots more Louisa bags in the process of being made, search the #Louisabag, or #cloverandviolet, you will find more. Some completely finished and some just getting started. I have been enjoying seeing them all!! These ladies are doing an amazing job.

Simple Scrappy Sampler {Week 7}

Homeward-BoundHonestly, I feel kind of shocked to be back with two more Simple Scrappy Sampler Quilt blocks! I decided to go with one simple and one more complex block again this week, because that seems to be the best way for me to get some variety {I often feel tempted to go with only simple! So, my first block, Homeward Bound, is just like last week’s block, except the HST are arranged differently. But, to make it look strikingly different, I used all lighter colors. I was a little worried it would be too light, but I think I love it!

SpoolsI also made this Spools block. It was a little rough to sew {I’m not great with tiny pieces}. Some of my points don’t exactly line up, I even took them out a couple times, but still had the same result, so I am just going to be okay with it. I love the way the fabrics look and the contrast of the pink and navy. This may be my current favorite for the whole quilt.

Block 13 and 14

Here’s the cutting layout for the blocks. Alternately, PDF version can be downloaded here. Here are a couple notes on the blocks:

Homeward Bound: I cut my squares 5″ and then drew a line down the middle and sewed on either side, then trimmed…they were perfect {not too large like last week}.

Spools: This one has a lot of little pieces. The 1 1/2″ squares are sewn on the ends of the 1 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles and then trimmed to make the tops and bottoms of the spools. Just take your time on this one, but other than that, there isn’t much trickiness to it.


Here are this week’s and last week’s blocks together. As I mentioned last week, I’m not going to photograph all the blocks together each time, so they don’t get handled too much and fray or anything!

I hope you are enjoying these blocks. Since I haven’t been receiving much feedback, I’m considering just making blocks and posting my photos. Making the PDFs and the block cutting directions is very time consuming, so, if no one is making them {which is fine}, I think I’ll just skip the directions. I’ll do one more week for sure, so anyone making them will have 16 blocks, but then it will just be photos going forward. So, please let me know your thoughts!

As usual, if you’re sewing along, please share in the Flickr group or on Instagram with the tag #simplescrappysamplerqal. I’m already looking forward to next week’s blocks!